Stories from author "Rob"

Group sex

Bisexual Orgy

Man, 57, USA
“…I fingered both of their wet pussies while they kissed.”

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Girls R Fun

Man, 55, US
” I started unbuttoning her top, removed her clothes, we explored each other’s bodies…”

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Group sex

Sex Club

Male, 55, Atlanta
“She sucked my cock…at least 40 people watched us, standing very close to us.”

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One-night stand

Blowjob in the Bookstore

Man, 55, USA
“He gave me the best blowjob I’d ever had, I came really hard in his mouth and he swallowed.”

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Group sex

Gay Beat Sex

Man, 40, Australia
“I was slightly shocked at my own recklessness…”

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Sex with an Ex

Breakup Sex

Man, 26, France
“I was so horny I almost exploded in her mouth.”

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