Sex-Positive Dating by Fantasy

Stories from author "Avesland"


The Casual Sex Protocols

Whether you’re just starting to explore the world of casual sex or you’ve been here for years, there’s always more…

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Bob The Virgin

Male, 60, USA
“As we undressed, I notice he was nervous. He was never with a man before.”

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Nice Big Cock

Man, 60, USA
“We tried for at least awhile. Finally, the head popped in.”

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Short fling

Older Guy Fun

Male, 60, USA
“His hands came around and held my cock & started to jack me off…”

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Transactional sex

Cabin Boy

Man, 60, Florida
“His butt was the nicest I ever fucked, which I did much of the time.”

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One-night stand

Breakfast Delight

Man, 60, Florida
“What a huge cut cock he had! He got on my back and shoved it in, and wow, I was stuffed.”

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