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Transactional sex

Massage Parlour Rimjob

Man, 32, Australia
“As I lay there completely naked with my rock hard cock standing straight up she started to rub oil over stomach, thighs and pubic area, once again lightly brushing my cock and balls.”

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Man, 52, DC
“I was rubbing my cock against his ass, teasing him. He told me his condoms were inside the bedside table. I didn’t reach for the but slid my cock inside him as it was feeling so hot.”

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Woman, 34, Europe
“He moved over behind me, pulled down my knickers, and started rubbing my pussy before giving me a few licks – just as I’d been doing to his wife not too long before that!”

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One-night stand

Tinder Hookup

Man, 23, Malaysia
“We switched to missionary and doggy where I pumped her really hard, making her squirt and cum a few times even leaving a huge wet spot on my bed.”

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Transactional sex


Man, 33, North America
“We fucked for only a few minutes before she came and squirted again. I could feel her juices dripping down my cock and down onto her.”

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Group sex

Kinky Day

Man, 47, Kansas City
“It was an awesome close up watching his cock slide in and out of her mouth, and it felt great feeling her hard nipples move up and down my chest as she rode me.”

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Group sex

Sissy Suck Off

Man, 57, North America
TW: Language
“ I lowered my mouth onto it and slid my lips right down it. And slowly, lovingly slid my mouth up and down his large shaft for a couple of minutes.”

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