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October 2018


Dorm Sex

Female, 20, Los Angeles
“The strongest orgasm I had was when he was fucking me from behind and it made my body feel weak.”

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Virgin No More

Woman, 29, US
“As soon as we got to my apartment we started making out. We made out for a while and then moved it to my bedroom. He started fingering me…”

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Sex with an Ex

Ex Wife FB

Man, 55, US
“She takes me in and pulls my ass cheeks to get all of me in her throat. After taking as much of that as I could without cumming, I pulled her on top of me.”

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On The Road Sex

Male, 53, Canada
“I was thrilled with her tightness and wetness, and the fact that she would clench her muscles and tighten her pussy on my cock was mind-blowing.”

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