by bob

Gender: Male

Age: 69
Race/ethnicity: White
Location: NC
Highest education received: College degree (eg., BA, BS)
Occupation: Retired
Religious affiliation: None
How religious are you? A little
Sexual orientation: Heterosexual
Any other term(s) that describe your sexual orientation/sexuality better/best? There was a time I was into groups
How many hookup stories have you here posted before? None

An Amazing Oral Surprise

How long ago did this hookup happen? 38 years

How would you best classify this hookup? Lovers with a good friend

Tell us about your PARTNER(S). What did they look like? How well did you know them, had you hooked up before? How/Where did you meet them? How did you feel about them before the hookup? Back in the 1970s … my girlfriend, Cookie, about 5-3, lovely black hair, tight little ass and good looking. One of her friends was to join us in a first threesome for her. I was excited and drove to meet them. John was tall, very relaxed and we chatted around the kitchen table a few minutes when John said, “well, have we forgotten why we are here?” We quickly ran into her bedroom. I did not know John, but it turns out we both had done threes … Cookie had not. I had known her for a year and John for 20 minutes.

How/where did the hookup BEGIN? What led to it? Was planning involved? Who instigated it? Cookie and I had talked about a 3 and I was in favor of either way… She wanted mfm, which was fine with me. She had been with John before and recently had run into him. She figured he was a good choice and called me. I loved the idea and soon headed for her house. Very thorough planning… right? It simply fell together for 3 very willing soles.

What happened DURING the hookup? What sexual behaviors took place (e.g., oral, vaginal, anal, kinky stuff)? How did you feel during it? Did you have an orgasm? Did your partner(s)? How did they behave toward you? Were they a good lover? What did you talk about? How did it end? We got to the bedroom and I was the only one fully dressed… I presumed they had worked in a little practice before I arrived. Cookie threw her robe aside and John dropped his pants and was kissing her breast and encouraging me to hurry up and take her other breast… and I did. She was sooooo excited… loving the two of us kissing her and thanking me for being willing to do this… and then pulling me up to her so she could suck me… and she was going crazy on my cock! I pulled back and sort of pushed John out of the way so I could fuck her and it was gangbusters. Cookie and I began kissing…deep hard, wet kisses…very hot and we stayed locked for a minute or two all the while fucking away…very emotional. Finally, I pulled back a bit to look at her and say something about loving her, but before I could move my lips, John, who was kneeling beside her head, leaned forward and stuck his rather large cock in her happy-to-receive-it mouth. She gorged on him and a zillion thoughts went through my mind. It was an amazing oral surprise for which I was not ready. I had done 3s before, but never with a serious lover and now my emotions were racing from ‘how stupid of me’ to ‘god, this is exciting’…and ‘this is terrible’ to  ‘what have I gotten us into’… Though I could not take my eyes off them and continued to fuck away, mentally, I was out of kilter. WOW…I could not stop watching them. In fact, there soon came my orgasm, well before its time. I pulled off, still watching her handling his cock and noticing how much it turned me on, even though my dripping cock was at ease…with only flickers of jealousy…and me telling them how hot they both looked…and ‘suck him Cookie.’ John rolled on to his back and pulled her around and she finished him without me seeing his climax as I was behind her now, rubbing her back.

That evening episode was just the start, but I was clear that the 3-way with my lover was hotter and more satisfactory than with just friends or unknowns. She and I often recounted that 3 and, while we had several other 3s (fmf & mfm), we always looked back at the evening with John as numero uno. Obviously, all these years later and it remains very clear in my mind. OH…to your questions: yes…we all 3 each had more than one orgasm over about an 11-hour period. Cookie was very loving to me and John was easy going and a good 3-some partner. Yes…they were exciting to me whether i was watching or participating or both. At one point, they woke me up in the middle of the night and I watched them in 69 and after a while Cookie noticed me watching her mouth go down on John and she continued to suck on John and watch me at the same time. Her watching me as she engulfed him was just plain HOT. I started playing with myself and soon, she moved over and sucked on me…and John stopped so he could watch and coach Cookie in a humorous way and she did everything he said. It was funny at times, hot and exciting, he would spank her some and then steer her head…I remember 4 hands on her head at one time … and he’d tickle her and played with her tits…and all that got me a glorious orgasm. What did we talk about? Wow…Cookie’s ass was the topic of conversation more than once… John and I both loved her sassy butt… After the evening episode we went back to the kitchen for some food and in the chat I commented on John’s large cock and asked Cookie how she liked that … she rather casually said something like, ‘oh, a cock’s a cock,’ but I knew she was not disappointed.

What precautions did you take to prevent STIs and pregnancy? Did you discuss STI history? None

What were your REASONS for having this hookup? Before this 3-some, Cookie and I had shared our previous sexual exploits and I told her about my 3s … and that intrigued her. She’d had several what we now call hook ups and short relationships, but never a 3 or larger group. We decided we would do a 3, but, as it turned out, finding a 3-some partner of either sex was not so easy. Finally she called me and our search was over. After that, we seemed to run into potential partners at every corner and enjoyed a few of them. Why did we do this … well, because we wanted to.

Were alcohol or drugs involved? If so, how much? We drank a little wine at the kitchen table… Well, I did… I am not sure what they had.

What happened AFTER the hookup? How did you feel about it? What are your expectations/hopes for the future with this person? How do you feel about them now? John and I had a laugh in the morning because Cookie had to get up and go to work and he and I slept in…well sorta…she leaned over and gave our cocks big wet kisses goodbye. In retrospect Cookie and I both loved it… I felt good with her pleasing another man and found it very exciting. She felt good with the freedom to give her all to the other man without me getting all buggy…and she liked it that I watched and encouraged her…that I did not act juvenile when I saw that John’s cock was down right large…a good bit larger than mine. Cookie asked me if she could watch me suck another man some time, which I had never done. I told her I’d have to give a lot of thought…a whole lot!!! I have not seen either in 30+ years.

To whom did you talk about the hookup? How did they react? Not really much outside talk, at least right away. Cookie told a girlfriend who subsequently joined us in a 3, but neither of us shared it a lot. She and I went separate ways some years later and I shared my experiences with other women I dated and a few male friends. My male friends had various reactions (disbelief to envy), and my female lovers wanted to hear more…that really surprised me…they wanted every detail and I thought that was what only men wanted. I gave the details to maybe 2 or 3 men and several women, none of which had ever done a 3 or group (sure is different in this age).

Was this a consensual and/or wanted experience for you? For your partner? Yes, yes and yes … very open and consensual

Do you regret this hookup? If so, why? Not in the least

What was the BEST thing about this hookup? How about the WORST? Has this hookup changed the way you think about casual sex, sexuality, or yourself in general? Over the years I have had nothing but favorable thoughts about that night and it continues to turn me on…even though I know what will happen next in the story and next and next…it still thrills me. I do not know why the act of a kneeling John dropping his cock into Cookie’s open mouth is such a turn on for me, but it still gives me the erotic chills. There was nothing bad about the encounter for me. For Cookie, she told me that after seeing some x-movies before that night, that she knew she wanted to be on her knees in front of the two men and sucking them back and forth…and we never did that and she said she wished she had. In our next mfm 3, she made sure that happened right away. Also, (regarding this question in particular) I look back and know that at that time I did not consider that night to be ‘casual’ at all… It was part of our loving each other… We just had a fine guest with whom we could share it. I since have had casual group sex and it does not begin to compare with my first 3 with Cookie.

All things considered, how POSITIVE was this experience? Very positive

All things considered, how NEGATIVE was this experience? Not at all negative

Anything else you want to add about this hookup or anything else? Years later I married a woman who was not into anything other than man-fucking-woman sex. Before we got married, I shared with her some of my past and she was amazed that she now knew someone who had really done ‘that stuff.’ She and I never did a 3 or group, and somehow, it turned out that we had off and on years of great sex.

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