What’s your gender? Man
How old are you? 30
What’s your race/ethnicity? White / Caucasian
What continent do you live on? Australia
What country and/or city do you live in? Australia
Highest education received: Some college (not currently in college)
What’s your occupation? Design
What’s your current relationship status? Single
Religious affiliation: Agnostic
How religious are you? Somewhat
What’s your sexual orientation? Heterosexual
Any other term(s) that describe your sexuality or sexual identity? Deviate
How many sexual partners have you had in your life (including oral sex)? 30
How many hookup stories have you here posted before? 3

Little Sub’s First Time

How long ago did this hookup happen? Less than a year ago

What was your relationship status at the time? Single

How would you best classify this hookup? Short fling

How long did you know the person before this hookup? For less than 6 months

Tell us about your PARTNER(S). What did they look like? How well did you know them, had you hooked up before? How/Where did you meet them? How did you feel about them before the hookup? Anna was a few years younger than me, short with a small frame, long blonde hair. Very shy girl.

How/where did the hookup BEGIN? What led to it? Was planning involved? Who instigated it? I had come across Anna at the gym I was at maybe 2 months earlier. I had noticed a young girl who appeared to be staring at me while I was using a machine that faced her. At the time I knew nothing of her so I attempted to initiate a look & smile. No good, so I continued coming to the gym and forgot the whole thing.
I had somehow noticed Anna had appeared in my Facebook people you may know. This kept happening every time I logged in, I’m not sure if it was because of location or that she had been stalking me; however, we did have two very tenuous mutual friends and she may have been on my bus to school many years ago, however I wouldn’t have known her being several years younger.

What happened DURING the hookup? What sexual behaviors took place (e.g., oral, vaginal, anal, kinky stuff)? How did you feel during it? How did they behave toward you? Were they a good lover? What did you talk about? How did it end? I was having a quiet drink at home on a Friday evening and was flicking through Facebook when I came across her profile again. I decided to do a bit of facestalking and some pieces fell into place. I clicked ‘add friend’ and a few minutes later I had made a new friend. I initiated a conversation and we got talking. We established that we went to the same gym and kept the conversation light.

A few weeks later we bumped into each other at gym and had a chat. She was short, maybe 5’3” at best, a small frame but carrying a little extra weight hence why she was at gym. We keep in contact a little and now she has quite a nice build. She seemed nervous and somewhat stand-offish. I was finishing up and said it was nice to meet her and I’d see her next time.

Over the next few weeks I had continued to notice a car which always seemed to be at the gym, and at one time I thought followed me some of the way home. I started to have my suspicions who this was. That next weekend I thought I would nip this in the bud and start to be far more bold with myself. One thing led to another and we ended up hooking up one weekend afternoon. Due to a fire near a family member’s house shortly after we’d finished, I ran for the door and Anna let herself out. (Note this isn’t the encounter I wish to tell you about)
We discussed how everything was via text later and she had indicated that she had a good time. However, there were some other things said & done in the following days which I was concerned about. Things that indicated I was in fact being stalked & targeted. I made it clear that it was to stop and discussed what a relationship would and would not be. Anna seemed to understand but at the same time seemed to want more and be somewhat clingy.

Fast forward a few weeks and the stalking was now chance encounters but we still kept in contact skirting the issue of having another fling. We had a slightly awkward meet where I had pushed her limits with breathplay and completely freaked her out with some bondage gear. She was right to say she wanted no part of it and promptly left. It started to make sense now, what she wanted was sex & companionship. What she needed was an authoritarian to put her back in her place. The moment I stated I’d give her what she needed she balked, there was a definite fear of commitment were as before she was playing around and being cute thinking that would get her some attention.

We discussed the blowup we’d had later again via text and got a bit of root cause; I had gone way too far way too fast and she hadn’t expected things to run that quickly. However, it was in fact what she wanted and wanted to learn more about it as being on the younger side she hadn’t dabbled in that before. We left it at that for the time and I believe she probably went away to think things over and research things. Maybe the whole 50 shades thing had sparked interest in her? Who knows.

Forward again a few weeks Anna got talking with me again shyly over text about hooking up while my housemate was out. She was toey and wanting release of any sort. I asked if there was anything in particular she wanted, it is my interest more than most other things to please my partner so it was important for me to ask. She said she’d be keen to experiment with being dominated. The conversation quickly went to what I may do to her and the selection of toys I may use. Upon the discussion, she still seemed keen even responding a non-convincing ‘yay’ at one point.

I was at the back of my house sitting on an old couch when she came around. Wearing slightly old and baggy jeans and a check shirt I was unsure what was going through her head, her long blonde hair was platted into a ponytail. Initially, she stood there and didn’t say a whole lot. She seemed to be preoccupied with her phone, but honestly there was nothing all that interesting she could have been looking at. I nodded that she should come sit alongside me on the couch while I finished my coffee. She awkwardly came over and positioned herself on the other cushion to which I gently reached my arm around her shoulder and eased her back with me, I wanted to make her as comfortable as possible and I guess the first time you do anything you feel very unsure about things. We discussed what was about to happen and a few do’s and don’ts, as well and the Red Green Yellow arrangement, that done, I stood up took her hand and led her to my room.

Standing there when I closed the door Anna looked around the room, not because there was anything in particular to see but more because she was far too shy and didn’t want to look me in the eye. I bent forward to kiss her bringing her attention squarely to me. From that kiss, I took my hand to her ponytail and tilted her head back as I kissed her again, while pulling myself upright dragging her hair down below me til she was on her knees. Making sure she was going to struggle to continue the eye contact, I walked around her side while keeping hold of the back of her head, I wanted her to feel close when I wanted her close, and isolated when she was isolated. From behind I could reach down through the buttons on her loose shirt and feel the soft skin on her chest as I went. I started to feed another hand down to pop open the buttons and could feel her inhale with nervousness. Upon lowering the shirt off her shoulders though the game changed, a thin set of straps on a mesh bralette she was wear suggested she actually had come dressed for the occasion. I passed a hand over the outside and felt her breast sitting heavy not having the support it would with something more reserved, nipple stood proud but not hard yet. Anna seemed proud but still somewhat nervous with what I’d just discovered.

I forced her down to all fours to which she let out a quiet gasp, pulling at her jeans I found two well rounded cheeks and a matching g-string to the top she had on. Discarding the pants I set to work getting into her head, she would address me as sir and I threw down a command to her “There will be no no’s during this, do you understand?”
“Yes,” she eventually replied softly.
“That will be YES SIR I think you’ll find” I commanded strongly as I pushed down at her lower back arching her out to bring her ass proud, giving her two cracks across a cheek with the other hand. I found her wet, the second blow missed it’s target slightly and I could feel a lot of warm & wet on one of my fingers.
“Yes Sir! Yes sir,” she followed up quickly.

We had covered earlier in the do’s & don’ts she was interested in being called names so while she was at this vulnerable point I upped the tempo.
“Are you ready for me to treat you like the right little slut you want to be?” I asked
The reply was straight and clear yet somewhat soft still, “Yes Sir.”
“Any questions before we get started, whore?”
“No Sir”
She had walked straight into a game she didn’t know she was about to play
“Excuse me?” I enquired
“No Sir” the reply came again but quicker & firmer
“What did you just say, whore?” I asked almost inquisitively
“No Sir, I have no questions” the response was louder and clearer than anything she had said to that point
“Do you remember the rule about no no’s earlier? Forgotten already?” I asked lightheartedly.
The nervous but somewhat laughing noise rose “Errr, errr, um, errrr,” I could see her middle move in a rhythmic unease of laughing and fear.
I began a slow but repeated session on her rear while I began a lecture to her.
“You need to be disciplined, you can’t be here breaking the rules, can you?”
“No!” She let out through a clenched mouth pulling away from my blows upon realising she had fallen for the trap again. I repeat the strikes down across her now reddening backside albeit with much less force while addressing her posture back to an arched and prone position across me from holding her hair again. I savoured the moment of power vs disobedience with her as I could tell she was learning what control was vs her inexperience.

We settled for a moment and I let her be, stranded on all fours still while walking away out of her peripheral vision. I went to retrieve a set of leather cuffs I have, the set had several pieces, the 2 wrist & ankle pairs were about to be put to task. Turning I could see Anna’s body in full form on hands & knees, breasts hanging heavy in her seductive top. Approaching I dangled the cuffs in front of her face and she raised her head to observe.
“Remember these?” I enquired and she nodded her head. “You’re happy to continue?” I asked and she nodded again. These were the same cuffs that she had the bad reaction to last time. A certain ease in her body language suggested that Anna was in fact ready to be dominated.
I took a knee and wrapped a cuff around one ankle tugging on the buckle, then the carabina to insure it was not going to slip or come loose. As I stood I dragged a hand over her backside touching her skin just with my fingertips. Grabbing her other ankle I repeated the process.
There was no real emotion or indication that she was enjoying what was happening.
I decided to see how complicit Anna would be by giving instructions. “Up on your knees, bitch” to which she eagerly righted herself, wiggling her hips just to reposition her balance and take some pressure off her knees. I reached to wrap her platted hair around my palm and corrected her posture. She let out a slight sighing gasp as I did so now much straighter in the back more attentive to the front.
“Raise your arm,” I commanded. Anna didn’t break her gaze from ahead, she just lifted her arm out to the side where I was awaiting her. Grabbing at her forearm I roughly tugged her to me a little, I could feel her resist the movement, almost like she didn’t want to be controlled. I slapped another cuff around the wrist I held flicking the buckle & strap around with my thumb & forefinger. Sticking a finger through the carabiner I gave the new jewelry a shake and dropped her hand back down now weighted with leather.

Coming around to her other side I turned and stopped when suddenly Anna lifted her arm just as before, but without command. “What’s this?” I exclaimed of her Independent thought. Anna twitched her head over to glance at her wrist see me glaring at her and give me a look as if to say she didn’t know what was going on. “I didn’t ask you to do anything did I slut?”
“No sir” she replied “WHAT?!” I proclaimed, “what did you say?” In complete disbelief.
Anna closed her eyes and slightly parted her lips as if she couldn’t look at me and needed to come up with an excuse, she knew she had walked straight into that again. Anna rolled her head back to forward exhaling a sound of disgust with herself.

I took her hair again pulling her once again back into alignment and rolled her head back so she could see the roof making her chest the prime target for what was to come next. Pulling aside the sheer fabric of her bra I let a breast hang out to be seen completely for the first time. Her nipple was puffy and waiting for attention, I put my hand to my mouth and applied a liberal amount of saliva to a few fingers and then searched my hand down to find the tip of the firm breast I had seen before. I ran the lubricated fingers around her nipple pushing it around to start then squeezing her holding her firm between my thumb & forefinger. The sucking of air between Anna’s lips told me I was handling her in just the right way as she again shifted on her knees moving weight around to get better leverage to pull away.
“I’ll keep training you as long as it takes Anna, until you learn to respect the rules” I began rolling and massaging her now hard nipple between my fingers in a way she seemed to quite like, just gentle enough to start arousing her
“Yes Sir, I’m sorry”

I released her and went back to pick up the cuff I had discarded. “Hand up” I commanded and we went straight back to where we left off, applying the remaining hardware. She lowered her hand down and I thought it would be an opportune time to remove her bra as it would complicate things later. As I was doing this I asked, “What do you think of your new outfit?”
She lifted her arms and looked down turning one hand over and touching the leather with the other, tracing the buckle strap around to the clip which hung underneath.
“I’m not sure” was the emotionless reply.
“Are the cuffs on too tight?” Anna shook her head “Are you ok to continue?” To which she nodded.

Now topless I started with another order. “Hands back” I commanded. Anna pulled her hands back behind her and I grabbed the clips to join one wrist to the other. With her shoulders back like this she wasn’t going to be able to slouch any more, her breasts were proud and firm now although one side looked far more aroused than the other. I leant over her shoulder and with one of my legs slightly at her back wove my tricep beside Anna’s soft cheek pushing her head to the side but ultimately sliding under her chin as I reached down to knead her chest. Just enough to enjoyable for her, I wanted to give the impression she was now helpless and under my control. Looking down my arm I could see Anna, eyes closed lips together controlling her breathing as I worked. It was about the only thing she had left, she was now unable to touch me or do anything to stop me. Her options were to tap out or ride it out. I continued to caress her front for a few moments just letting her become accustomed to being bound and let her enjoy being touched and played with. She involuntarily shifted back slightly and started rubbing her shoulder against my now hard package. I suddenly focused on myself realising that I was in fact quite horny at this point. I had been avoiding just groping her for the sake of it and getting her more wound up. Honestly, I was becoming impatient myself, I left a hand on her shoulder to stabilise myself and reached down and forward, moving my hand down rhythmically through the mesh fabric of the g-string she had remaining. Moving down more I found a lot of smooth hot skin, hairless and wet. Not just a small amount, my fingers were being well covered with her. The thinning fabric between her legs holding a lot of moisture, I searched and easily found her clit quite hard & alert. She opened her mouth and breathed quietly as I explored her, rolling a finger down her button as if to stroke it repeatedly with one slick finger. I was ravenous at this point, it was time to make her work.

I walked to her front and asked her if she wanted to continue as I sucked her wetness off of my fingertips, to which Anna nodded her head energetically but with lowered eyes. I walked across the room to where I had a collection of toys at the ready. I picked up a set of clamps which I intended to apply to her. It was a request actually, upon asking about BDSM, Anna had asked about the toys I had on hand. Explicitly she had asked, “You have nipple clamps and vibrators and stuff like that?” It became apparent that this was a totally new thing for her, as I walked up she examined the two paperclip shaped clips which had a small love heart shaped piece of metal which was to be slid up to adjust the pressure. I reached forward with my free hand and put two fingers between Anna’s pouting lips, making them wet. She closed her eyes and became quite involved in drawing my fingers into her mouth, without invitation she slowly rolled her lips and neck around seeming to enjoy and want more of what I had given her. I split my fingers making it hard for her to continue and made her open her mouth slightly, enough so I could swirl my fingers around to collect some saliva. Passing my hand down I again picked up a nipple and rolled it around in my running fingers. “Are you ready to be clamped?” I asked looking her straight in the eye. She looked back and nodded with the smallest of smiles across her lips. Her gaze being occupied by the pulling I began at her preparing her for new jewelry. I popped the nubs of the clamp over her and started to slide the lock up which applied the force. Just a bit at first, I didn’t want to hurt her. I waited for her reaction, which wasn’t much more than a slight wincing. Tugging on the arrangement it slipped off, we looked at each other slightly surprised and I mused “That wasn’t supposed to happen, was it” to which Anna disapprovingly shook her head. Grabbing the nipple again Anna jumped as I held her preparing to reapply the clamp. The effect of the clamps definitely worked, she had gone from sensitive to stratospheric very quickly. Finally attaching the clamp, I gave it a flick and a tug just because I could and I set about applying the other, first rolling then bringing her out to me as I slid the clip up.

Complete, I took a half step back to admire her, she inquisically looked down and took in what she was now wearing. Anna still had her shoulders rolled back and chest out, a perfect sight positioned on the floor. She looked to me as if to say ‘what next?’ I knew exactly what I wanted, I wanted her lips wrapped around me. I was bound up myself with my cock held in for too long by my shorts. I stood at her front and looked down at her. She seemed to know exactly what was next. I unbuttoned the front of my shorts and gradually pulled down the zip allowing the waistband to fall slightly. I took her jaw in one hand while reaching into my underwear to retrieve what she’d been waiting for, rolling my wrist I brought my cock out for the first time in my hand. I guided my tip towards her lips which i controlled by handling her lower jaw. She was a little too eager, moving forward and pulling my glaze covered head into her mouth without request. I wasn’t going to stop or slow her, I really needed it, just to feel her tongue lash me. She pulled me in between her lips and then sucked down drawing down my shaft. It was amazing.

I thought she could use some encouragement, so I started to make the usual sounds, something which I’m guilty of actually, being overly quiet. Anna’s eyes were closed and with her limited movement she took me about as much as she could for starters. Allowing her time to do her thing, I eventually said “Be a proper little slut and service all of that dick!” She sensed I wasn’t impressed and doubled her efforts, her abilities were really amazing, probably one of the best I’ve had. Upping the demand I took the back of her head and drove it down more on me, a little at first so she could pick up the rhythm and slightly increasing speed and depth. It was just incredible.
I let go to allow her to go about doing what she knew how to do best while I drew my shirt over my head discarding it to the floor along with all our other clothes. Limited by how she could move and now without my assistance, Anna was sucking hard on the down stroke as she dove down onto me. I could hear her breathing becoming taxed and slurping as she attempted to keep the pressure on me (which she was doing a fantastic job). I wanted to know exactly how far she would go though, literally. I reached down and caught hold of one of her clamps to give her good motivation to continue doing what she was doing.
“Come on slut, don’t be lazy. Get right down on that” flicking away at the clip holding her tight. Anna struggled to increase her efforts and let out a muffled moan gasping between strokes of her lips, she was already working overtime. She wiggled forward on her knees as I tugged at her taking just that little bit more of me in. She was reveling in the fact she was blowing me, getting a chance to be a good sub and to be wanted.

Having the chance, I thought I’d test her. I took both hands gently to the back of Anna’s blonde rocking head taking the motion and control from her to me. I gradually held her tighter to move her firmly down on me, a little bit at a time. I could feel her body resist but she was able to ignore the urge to panic, I could feel her lips flaring around me more. By this time she was basically at my hilt taking me all in, I’m not the longest ever but I do have a reasonable girth on me which has limited how far most women could take me. Not Anna however, from tip to base she was hungry for me, she basically had all of me but I was pushing her limits, her spit coating me. I honestly can’t describe better what she was doing, just incredible. I could only stand there with her hair in my hand as she held me to attention, I was hers, nothing I could do about it. Strange as she was the one on knees being forced with tied hands. I held her head still and thrust myself longingly in between her lips taking note of how she was doing breathing. It was all about testing her, not choking and starving her of oxygen.

It seemed like I’d lost track of time dazed by Anna’s ability, I don’t know how long she continued but I soon knew she would make me cum. Gripping her I withdrew myself from her glaze covered mouth and she lightly exhaled followed by a deep draw of air. She was starting to look slightly disheveled, but still amazing beautiful as she sat lowering herself away with a slight string of precum connecting us until it fell apart. I placed my hand under her chin with my fingers slightly squeezing her cheeks pushing her lips towards me.
“You did well Anna” I rumbled softly to her looking at her looking back at me unfamiliar with what was to happen next.
“Thank you Sir” she came back automatically, almost instinctively.
Still holding her I reached down and again started playing with her clamps again, it was becoming an annoyance to her now. Anna broke eye contact and rolled her head away from me as I stood watching her reaction. She must have been fairly numb, not just in the chest but her knees as well.

I left her go and walked to her back, erect and dripping for her. I released the carabina holding her wrists together and walked to the other side of the room letting her shoulders roll back in their own time. She brought her arms around and I instructed her in a short manner “play with your jewelry”. Anna lifted her heavy hands and began to explore this new sensation I had landed on her. She must like nipple play, a little harder than some as the pain was evident but it didn’t concern her too much. I retrieved another toy from my box of tricks and walked back to her, throwing what I had retrieved on the bed out of her eyeshot. She looked at me, not as if to say ‘is this to your liking’ but more ‘can I please take these off’
“Take them off” I said. She did so looking down to see how the slide worked. A strange look of relief and pain washed over her as she released herself. The first one quickly, the second a little slower after she figured how they worked. The blood started to rush back to her, she looked a little red and swollen. I placed a hand on her shoulder and leant forward, cupping her running my hand from under her breast lifting it slightly dragging my palm over her now quite firm nipple. It was like she’d been struck by lightning, the simple touch as I had before was now a shock to which she let out an audible “Ahh!“ and a jump moving up into my hand to which I held her down. I pressed my thumb into her collarbone to emphasize that I wasn’t playing around and continued to massage her watching the pain subside and the sensation of being touched and wanted come back to her. A strong sound of “Mmmm” hummed from her. It wasn’t pleasure, but it definitely wasn’t pain either, just a strange hybrid mix of feelings washing over her face.

I stopped cupping her and let her settle for a moment. I stood by Anna with a grip on her shoulder, just letting her know I was right there with her. Turning my body around without breaking contact I picked up what I had discarded only a short time before from the bed. A silken eye mask which had some molding in it, I’d had a few masks in the past which were flat strips of silk with some elastic. This one however formed a lot more to the changes of the human face and wouldn’t let any light, or vision passed. Bringing it back to her vision, I tumbled the bridge that would cover her nose around in my fingers, flicking it from one side to the other for her to examine.
“How are you travelling there?” I asked softly. Anna shrugged her shoulders and nodded a bit, she seemed somewhat ambivalent about things.
“You know you can say stop or slow down at anytime?” I quizzed to which she nodded again. Breaking the scene slightly more, I asked “Would you like to stop now?” Bowing her head ever so slightly, Anna clearly shook her head. I think after all the stimulation, Anna had retracted a bit. She hadn’t said much, and certainly wasn’t addressing me as a subordinate should, however I knew of this shyer side to her personality plus the fact she have never experienced anything like was happening to her at that point. She was actually doing quite well, even if a little quiet. I wanted to make double sure that everything was a go so I asked for a firm confirmation ‘I need you to talk me to Anna, and let me know what is happening, ok?” Moving her head from the straight ahead position slightly to my direction she said “Yes, Sir”
We were now very much out of scene and I asked again in an upwards tone ‘Are we ok to continue?” to which the response again was “Yes Sir” head turned to look at me from the tops of her pale eyes a focused response came back. She had just thrown us very much back in scene with the devious yet somewhat emotionless expression. I smiled down at her patting her gently on the head. Resting my hand on the top of her head I rolled her back and bent down to kiss her pout lips, sucking her lower lip in & holding it as I drew back.

I pulled the elastic back and started to pull the blindfold over Anna’s blonde hair. There was a little resistance, the strap was a little firm but stretched as I lowered it over her crown. Once slide over her bright eyes, I took sliding adjustment buckle in my fingers and let out a little slack. It didn’t have much movement once on so it didn’t need to be unreasonably tight. Checking the fit I rested my fingers on the edges of the mask and her soft skin making sure it was positioned just so.
Happy it how the mask now sat, I took a half step back and waited a short moment to gauge the reaction. Anna shy as she was now couldn’t look away from me to an abstract part of the room to protect herself, her mouth went from closed to open as she turned away as if to give a look suggesting she was mildly shocked with what was now happening. I reached out and stroked the inside of my hand and fingers along her bubbly cheeks. Anna’s lips hovered a bit just a very slow tremble.

Leaving her unable to see, it was time to set things up. Walking to the bed I reached down and retrieved some items I had stored earlier that day. Taking a knee I pulled out a large clamp, a few lengths of thick string and a bar with tabs on it to start, this arrangement making a bit of a klink & clang as I dropped it back to the floor Righting myself I took the clamp and turned back to the doorway to my ensuite, walking past Anna I gave her a quick pat on the head playfully intimidating her. She must have thought I was going to beat her with what I’d picked up because she flinched slightly as I touched her & kept going. I attached the clamp up to the top of the door frame and returned this time behind Anna letting my fingertips run over her shoulders. Picking up a length of rope I stood to her front.

”Hand’s out” I said flatly, to which she quickly raised her hands up from her sides hands flat but hug in front of me limp. I looked around and found the carabiners hanging to the bottom which required me to reach under her sunken hands. It was only a small thing but as a Dominant you need to make sure people are aware of your displeasure sometimes. Anna now couldn’t see, so a stern look or even a light grunt would be irrelevant. Changing tact, I became more rough and short with my touch. I ran a hand down from her forearm, dragging slightly until the clip reached my hand when I then pulled it around. I did similarly with the other crossing everything up and attaching the lot together and then tugging towards me bringing her now rebound hands closer to me. I tied the rope around the metal holding her together and pulled it with a solid tug to insure it wasn’t going to move.

Reaching down I wound the rope in bunching it into my hand and ordering her “Stand, slut”. Anna rocked from either knee preparing herself to move, she’d been like that for a while so I could imagine that some blood flow would be appreciated. Once stood, she kept her hands at a distance from her torso, maybe it was because of the feel of the leather or steel on her skin, but it could have been just a feeling of awkwardness that prevented her. I certainly wasn’t pulling at her, I was planning to have her follow instruction.
“Come this way.” I said firmly but with a slight inflection as I walked around her, my voice the only thing she could new rely on and paddled her feet on the spot to turn. The slack in the rope quickly took up and it dragged her hands forward, the angle of her arms meant her shoulders were rolled in and biceps pressing her pert and still pink breasts together. She obediently followed taking shallow steps towards me as we went, catching up to me and reducing the tension on the line that now connected us. Her face looked slightly tense and her mouth slightly parted still, probably to allow her to get a little more oxygen in. She was in a zone she’d never been in before, still incredibly brave.

I shuffled a little on the carpet so she could hear where I was. I halted her “Stop” suddenly when she was positioned right in the middle of the door frame. She froze then paddled her feet again and stood correct and to attention. I then reached up, being much higher than her and ran the rope through the clamp now hanging over Anna’s golden hair. I drew the end down, starting to lift her arms up brushing the sides of her breasts again juggling them a slight amount as she changed positions. I left enough slack between her hands and the clamp so she could swing a little. I hitched the rope on itself with a one way slide, she could pull down and it would not give. However I could pull down on the other side and decrease the slack as I pleased. Her first experience being tied to something, she seemed calm enough with what had happened so I started to play with her again, placing my hands high up on her ribs and squeezing her skin pulling down to her waist and hips and back around her stomach feeling how soft she was as I went. I kneaded her body pushing around her small frame with my force. She was mine.

I left her swinging and headed back for more equipment, I had plenty of things for her to try. Retrieving the toys, I also picked up the bar I had left on the floor. Coming back to the shapely figure hanging in front of me, I took a knee and placed everything on the floor save for an old silk tie I had found in an Op Shop. It was genuine silk, not a hard synthetic, feeling nice in the hand I thought I’d start somewhere around Anna’s ankle and began to slip my hand between her calves spiraling up slightly from behind her, just above her knee and around her thigh. This was now quite a bit of myself making my way between her, she repositioned herself with legs now further spread anticipating something was to come. I worked up, taking my other hand and dragging the silk around her leg and across her backside to her other hip then up her love handles and ribs. Now standing again I could see Anna’s head roll a bit as I did this, she would also respond to a softer touch. I took a moment to think and returned to the floor to start setting her up completely. I took the bar, which was a bit wider than the door and nudged her forward so the heels of her feet were just forward of it.

“Now, spread your legs” I instructed. Anna didn’t move for a moment, and then on processing what was being asked, started to sway her hips bringing her feet out until I said “Stop, there”. I took the carabiner from her right ankle setup and clipped it into the bar arrangement. The bar banged against the wall a bit as I did this and again as I held everything coming across to the other side. She was coming up a bit short of where I really needed her, I wrapped my full hand around her cuff and jerked her foot over a bit. As I did she slid down ever slightly tugging her arms up to the extent of the rope above. I got the cuff rotated to where I needed it on her and clipped her in. While there I now had a view of her pussy covered in the flowered mesh sticking to her, the smell close and intoxicating. I again ran my hand up from her thigh but quicker this time and straight to her pussy pushing up and rubbing her around, feeling her lips spreading through the fabric which was now quite wet.

I have a small vibrator, probably a bit bigger than a thumb with two rubber buttons for controlling the speed. Picking it up I ran my hands around her sides wrapping her waist with my arms and squeezing a bit pulling her back out of the door but tensioned on the rope holding her hands. Anna was so soft, I held her and gave her a kiss on the back of the arm as I wiped my arms down towards her crotch, fingers just clicking in under the thin elastic at the front of her underwear. I set the vibrator going and felt around to position it right on Anna’s proud little clit, the start setting was just low but holding it I knew I wanted it to have just a little more so I bumped it up. I waited to hear and feel the response when I got right on target and then it happened; Anna pushed her ass back into me as see let out an “Ahhhh!”, my cock getting pressed hard between her cheeks, and her head bobbing down to see what was going on. It became apparent that she had not ever felt this sensation before, she moved her head around to try and see what was happening, but the blind I had applied was blocking everything from her. Taking one hand back and sweeping back up to a breast I asked “How’s that?” in a teasing way.
“Yes, Sir” was the nonsensical answer that she gave back. I let my hand down and held everything in place from the outside while I withdrew the other.

I left her briefly to pick up the silk tie and a Wartenberg wheel I had brought before. Her skin looked ripe for torment while she was immobile. I spent time working the hand full of silk and the pinwheel around her, the silk wiping over Anna’s face as I pulled the pins down from her stomach to the front of her hips and then her thigh letting the wheel pick up speed and fling away as it left her skin behind. I could feel Anna’s body starting to move involuntarily to my touch, a minor shake started to take her over as she intensified her breathing. I could take my hands where ever I wanted and get all sorts of responses, sometimes pulling away, sometimes pushing towards it and occasionally getting a quivering muscle spasm from being provoked. It was all building.

I wanted to up the pressure a little more so walking away, I swapped my current implements for something seemingly innocuous; another length of rope and a small lead weight. As I walked back I threaded the rope through the weight and tied it off. The other end I paired up to Anna’s plaited hair and knotted it together tugging it tight then allowing the rope to slide through my hand and the slack to be taken up by her hair pulling her head back.
“Is that too much?” I asked standing at her back now looking at her face rocked back from above. There was no discernible response that came back, just a deep exhaled sigh followed by more intense breathing. I ran a hand up from the center of Anna’s chest wrapping my hand under her jaw and took my other hand back down to the buzzing noise.
“Hrmmm?” I hummed at her holding her head firm in my hand crouching slightly to allow her head to rest a little on my shoulder. I moved my hand lower to adjust what I had left her with a few moments earlier, I fumbled around looking for the rubber button to up the speed on the vibrator but it was almost impossible. My hands were quite wet now and I struggled to grip the plastic casing to press the button increasing the speed again. Positioning the vibe as best I could one handed, blind and with slick fingers, I smiled and pulled Anna harder to me pressing my face into her skin as I heard her let out a slow “Erhhh!” and shake.

I released her and reached over her head for the knot holding her hands up. Grabbing the main line under the knot I pulled Anna’s leather wrapped arms higher and more taught to the rope while pulling the knotted end back down, keeping the tension. She was now about as strung out as she could be, feet almost to each side of the door frame, held apart by the bar locking her apart, her arms pulled up with just enough force to keep her from moving too much, and the weight holding her head back. There was a definite twitch going through her small frame after what I had now done to her. I walked off back to retrieve one last thing, a gag, which had been another question (and almost request) she had. Coming back I saw a lot of built tension with the situation Anna now found herself in.
“Ok Anna, I’m going to gag you now. Do you want to keep going?” I asked more as a caretaker rather than a Dom at this point, it seemed that more and more Anna was on autopilot and I didn’t want her getting too lost or beyond what she was comfortable with by accident. This next step was also going to mean she would be less able to communicate anything, which was already somewhat limited by her shyness to begin with.
“Ah-ha” was the automated response that came back from her giving me the all clear. I clarified with her what she should do from this point, “If you want to stop at any point, you give a very clear shake of the head with a ‘Errrr Errrr’ ok slut?” I said trying to keep the scene together as much as I could as I reached through her stretched arms to holding the leather strap taut and ready to keep her jaw occupied.
“Ok” was the answer which came back under some duress. I didn’t feel a need to discipline her for forgetting the formalities at that stage. “And if you need to say yes, it’ll be a clear nod with a ‘Ermm Hrmm’ ok?”
“Yeahsssss” was the mixed response.
I popped the ball in between Anna’s lips and seated it back behind her front teeth then. There now wasn’t too much of her body that she still had much control over. Retracting my hands back beside her face, I took the side of her jaw in my hands and gently pushed her head forward taking the pressure off my chest. It allowed me to feed the loop and bucket together, letting my thumb rest on the metal tab letting it to bump along the holes until I thought it was tight enough.

I held her ponytail, still weighed and pulled her gently back. She was now mine.

I thought I’d up the ante one last time by speeding up the vibrator again. This time I made it easier for myself by retrieving it and clicking it up, then placing it back where I thought it should best live. By this point it was probably well beyond half speed. I heard a sigh and felt Anna’s body push around as I found my spot again. Quickly rubbing my hands around her body, I now saw her hands oscillating one to the other opening and closing a bit. She must have been dying at this stage.

I snuck between her and the door frame with some difficulty and stood back to see her front on again. I could see her chest and stomach working quite a lot to keep up with the sensations I had now left her in. I wanted to see her cum, taking a knee I crouched down in front of her and carefully took the vibrator out of her g-string due to how wet it was, switched it off and placed it on the floor. Anna gave off a sound somewhere between relief and frustration as I used my hands to knead her thighs, my thumbs working inwards and upwards slowly. Anna was somewhat immobile at this point and there was still one item of clothing I wanted off. I unclipped one of her legs off the bar “Step across” I said in a short manner, which she did. Grabbing at the stringed sides, I rolled her underwear off the sides of her hips and down her legs, the crotch in the middle hanging back sticking to her, soaked through at this stage. I left the underwear hanging around the other still bound leg as she stepped out and I left her to rest for just a moment. I could still sense quite a bit of tension and frustration in her even though she was now more able to move around.

“Ok, back you go” I said grabbing her ankle and applying some force across to indicate she should be back where she was. After stepping across, the bind and clip came up just a little short so I had to muscle her over just a bit more. Looking up I saw that she was now more at the limit of the rope, something had moved somewhere to cause this. I pressed on knowing that it would save me a job ratcheting up the tension on her, clipping her leg back in. I could now see Anna’s clit stiff and proud waiting to be satisfied, I placed my hand below her hip and squeezed it tight pressing my thumb into the front of her thigh and pushing her back a little, just to inflict her body with my influence. The other hand I placed palm flat on the front of her hip and used that thumb to nudge and massage her clit. Whereas before she had vibration, I was now rubbing her directly and feeling her body react to what was happening. I made slow circles around her, speeding up a bit to where I heard her begin to moan. I could feel her legs start to collapse like she wanted to get in a different position, but she was stuck from her hands not being able to move. There came a regular humming moan from her blocked mouth and I could feel her pushing her hips into me to intensify the feeling.

I started to rapidly up the pace until I felt Anna’s body start to become out of sync with my rhythm, then I stopped all together and pushed my hand connected to her hip away from me allowing her to swing semi breathless until she could arrest herself once she regained her legs. She hadn’t cum yet, but that was about to change. Still kneeling, I picked up the vibrator and held it firm with my thumb on the button. Positioning myself, I ran my hand up her quivering thigh to her soaked pussy. Stroking her lips, I prepared my fingers in her juices, readying myself to penetrate her for the first time. The only thing stopping her from being crazy tight was the fact I had her spread open. I fed my middle finger into her, working in just a bit to start but then with ever more depth feeling all of her. I could feel her adjusting to me being inside her with contractions when I exceeded her expectation with a knuckle. Looking up, I could see her head rolling around, weighted and all.

I set a fair pace with my thrusts into Anna’s dripping vagina, making sure I dragged my fingertip back towards me finding her G spot. I could feel her attempting to gather herself and squeeze down on me. Countering this, I clicked on the vibrator and bumped it up a few speeds, then located it right back on her quivering clit but this time with precision & pressure which she hadn’t had til that point. All the noise stopped and a shock took over her body which built, then stopped resulting in her legs refusing to take her weight for a moment and the pressure coming off my finger. Sensing this was a good time to go further, I readied another finger to go with the other, stretching her. Again working the extra girth in, I waited for Anna to regain herself a little, feeling her start to clamp down on me and then fighting her back with more knuckles. She was quite tight, and by this time very worn out with everything I’d done to her up to this point. I felt her resist, then accept more of me again finding a common pace with me which I then disrupted by increasing the speed of the vibrator on her outside. Everything at this point was completely out of sync; her breathing, her body movements, my fingers and my sweeping of her clit with the viberator. Something had to give.

I started to get into the rhythm with Anna’s movements and added a little more speed to the vibe, now holding it still against her. As I felt her body begin to accept what I was doing, I also felt her giving in to me as I increased the speed of my fingers into her. My hand was now getting wet as she ran down to my wrist. She locked her legs in to support the majority of her weight, then rested her head against one of her raised biceps in a completely defeated sign of exhaustion. She began to let out a muffled moaning cry and I started to feel her twitch down and clench on my fingers briefly before feeling a push, which I overpowered her and continued to keep up the pace while she came on my fingers. This lasted maybe 20 seconds or so with her moans motivating me to continue, but I knew she would need a rest. I withdrew myself and took the vibrator off her and just sat in awe of what I was seeing in front of me. Anna’s chest and stomach rapidly rising and falling while she attempted to breathe heavily like she had just exceeded herself in a distance run. It was probably on of the most incredible and erotic things I’d seen.

Letting her gain some control again over her body, I set the vibrator back down on to her and gave her back my fingers. There was an initial resistance but that was overcome when she relinquished the force from her muscles again, her head rolling back with the weight and all other muscles following suit relaxing in a pent up way allowing me to continue.
“How about we try that again?” I inquired in a devious tone, again beginning and trying to find a pace, although this time it did not seem to be so obvious. Anna was at a stage of free fall and anything I was doing was really at my discretion. As such there was no response really to what I had just suggested more than a moaning groan which I could only interpret as “Again?!” I continued till I felt her cumming again complemented by continuous moaning wale.

I withdrew once more and again watched as she came down, head resting back on her bicep like she was ready to collapse.
“Are you ready for me to bend you over and mercilessly fuck you?” I asked, clicking the vibrator off and setting it aside.
Anna’s body seem to freeze, like she was retracting into her safe shy zone again, her breath normalising a bit and then a response I had heard before
“I think I’m done,” she said muffled with the gag in a somewhat scared tone.
She’d been through a lot and I knew this was her letting me know she had enough.

I got up and snuck back past her and the frame of the door, remaining low to disconnect the weight from her, and unclip the shackles from the bar, allowing her to stand free again. I stood and unbuckled the gag, taking it from her and then reaching up to take her off the clamp connecting her to the top of the door frame. She was free again.
“You can remove the rest as you please, ok? Now follow me” I said as I took her hand and led her back to the bed. I climbed on and let her place a hand down on top to find where the edge was then she very tentatively moved and joined me. Her shyness had her keep the eye mask on, but only until she needed it off to see how to unbuckle the leather cuffs that had been holding her back.

How sexually satisfying was this hookup? Very

Did you have an orgasm? No, but I was close

Did your partner have an orgasm? Yes, multiple

What happened AFTER the hookup? How did you feel about it the next day? What are/were your expectations/hopes for the future with this person? How do you feel about them now? We talked for a bit (I talked and Anna just responded with yes’s & no’s really) and attempted to have a bit of a debrief, but it was difficult. I was fairly sexually frustrated after as I hadn’t cum, she had got up dressed and left too.

We spoke a bit later again over text about it, but at this stage I don’t think she’s revisited any of this. Yet.
However, it has been discussed.

What precautions did you take to prevent STIs and pregnancy? (Check all that apply) None

What were your motives for this hookup? Fun, pleasure, horniness, Attraction to partner(s), Learning new things, experimenting, Thought it was an important experience to have, Power / Dominance, Making new friends, Just happened, I don’t know why, just went along with it

How intoxicated were you? Not at all (no alcohol or drugs)

How intoxicated was your partner? Not at all (no alcohol or drugs)

How wanted was this hookup for you at the time? Very

Did you consent to this hookup at the time? I gave enthusiastic consent

How wanted was this hookup for your partner at the time? Very

Did your partner(s) consent to this hookup? They didn’t give a clear ‘yes’, but didn’t give a ‘no’

To whom did you talk about the hookup? How did they react? No one

How would you best summarize people’s reactions about this hookup? I didn’t tell anyone

Did you get emotionally hurt as a result of this hookup? A little bit

Did your partner get emotionally hurt as a result of this hookup? I don’t know / I’m not sure

Do you regret this hookup? Not at all

What was the BEST thing about this hookup? Being the one to make a woman cum like that was really hot. Also, being able to help fulfil someone’s fantasies was a good thing

What was the WORST thing about this hookup? I didn’t get a chance to cum

Has this hookup changed the way you think about casual sex, sexuality, or yourself in general? Not too much

All things considered, how POSITIVE was this experience? Very positive

All things considered, how NEGATIVE was this experience? A little negative

Anything else you want to add about this hookup? It takes two to tango, without communication, relationships don’t work.

What are your thoughts on casual sex more generally, the role it has played in your life, and/or its role in society? What would you like to see changed in that regard? It’s not such a bad thing really

What do you think about the Casual Sex Project? Fun way to pass the time

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