What’s your gender? Woman
How old are you? 23
What’s your race/ethnicity? White / Caucasian
What continent do you live on? North America
What country and/or city do you live in? Houston
Highest education received: College degree (eg., BA, BS)
What’s your occupation? Hospitality
What’s your current relationship status? In a serious relationship (monogamous)
Religious affiliation: Christian
How religious are you? Somewhat
What’s your sexual orientation? Heterosexual
Any other term(s) that describe your sexuality or sexual identity? Not that I’d use.
How many sexual partners have you had in your life (including oral sex)? 25+/-
How many hookup stories have you here posted before? 0

Long Overdue

How long ago did this hookup happen? 3 years

What was your relationship status at the time? In a relationship (monogamous)

How would you best classify this hookup? One-night stand

How long did you know the person before this hookup? Just met that day.

Tell us about your PARTNER(S). What did they look like? How well did you know them, had you hooked up before? How/Where did you meet them? How did you feel about them before the hookup? Jay was crazy. He was really good looking in a classic way, slender and had long, blond hair and blue eyes. More than that, though, he was just like sex in the flesh, the way he moved, the way he talked, the way he smiled, it all just made you think he was just about to go to bed with someone, or had just got out of bed with someone. I was stuck in a hotel when a flight got delayed and I missed my connection. I ordered a pizza and this guy shows up. He flirted with me pretty intensely, said it was too bad I was only in town for the night etc. Then he left, and I couldn’t get him out of my head. It took me a while to decide to go for it. Maybe an hour later I called the place back and said I forgot to tip him. He called back a little later, and I could tell he knew. He said he was nearly done for the night and he’d swing by after and another hour passed before he showed up.

How/where did the hookup BEGIN? What led to it? Was planning involved? Who instigated it? It took a while for it to not be awkward. I invited him in, and he told me that I had tipped him before, smiling like he could see right through me. I was pretty nervous, and he straight up asked if I wanted him to kiss me. I said yes, and he started kissing me and touching me. I got shy when he started undressing me, and he said “You’re leaving in the morning, so you have to decide if you want to remember what we did, or what we almost did.”

What happened DURING the hookup? What sexual behaviors took place (e.g., oral, vaginal, anal, kinky stuff)? How did you feel during it? How did they behave toward you? Were they a good lover? What did you talk about? How did it end? After that, I jut let it happen. He stripped me and kissed me everywhere, and then he took off his clothes. He had me put the condom on him. He was long but not too thick, and he started on top, going slow at first and then faster and harder. When I started to cum, he pulled out and rolled me on my belly. He took me from behind and it was unbelievable. When he finished, he pulled out and shot all over my butt.
After, we took a shower. He got me off with his fingers while we were kissing, and I gave him a blowjob. By the time we were done, I pretty much had to get dressed and go, and he dropped me off at the airport.

How sexually satisfying was this hookup? Very

Did you have an orgasm? Yes, more than one

Did your partner have an orgasm? Yes, multiple

What happened AFTER the hookup? How did you feel about it the next day? What are/were your expectations/hopes for the future with this person? How do you feel about them now? I had dreams of true love for a while. He was so hot and I really wanted it to happen. But neither of us was ready to drop everything and move halfway across the country, and after a few weeks, I stopped texting him. It was a little sad, but then I realized it wasn’t going to be that good always. We had an amazing night, and it was enough.

What precautions did you take to prevent STIs and pregnancy? (Check all that apply) Condoms

What were your motives for this hookup? Fun, pleasure, horniness, Attraction to partner(s), I was feeling lonely, Boredom

How intoxicated were you? Not at all (no alcohol or drugs)

How intoxicated was your partner? Not at all (no alcohol or drugs)

How wanted was this hookup for you at the time? Very

Did you consent to this hookup at the time? I gave enthusiastic consent

How wanted was this hookup for your partner at the time? Very

Did your partner(s) consent to this hookup? They gave enthusiastic consent

To whom did you talk about the hookup? How did they react? I told a friend, who blabbed about it to my boyfriend and my family. Important lesson learned.

How would you best summarize people’s reactions about this hookup? Relatively negative

Did you get emotionally hurt as a result of this hookup? A little bit

Do you regret this hookup? Not at all

What was the BEST thing about this hookup? Just feeling so in sync with a guy sexually. Not having to tell him what to do, but having him just making the right moves.

What was the WORST thing about this hookup? Really, the drama created by telling my friend. I should have just kept it to myself.

Has this hookup changed the way you think about casual sex, sexuality, or yourself in general? This was my only real one-night stand, and I get turned on every time I think about it. It made me realize that sometimes it’s OK to just let it happen.

All things considered, how POSITIVE was this experience? Very positive

All things considered, how NEGATIVE was this experience? Not at all negative

What are your thoughts on casual sex more generally, the role it has played in your life, and/or its role in society? What would you like to see changed in that regard? It’s annoying how some guys want to hook up with a girl and then act like she did something wrong if she does it. If more guys were cool about it, more girls would be down more often.

What do you think about the Casual Sex Project? Interesting reads.

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