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Stories from author "Tony"


All In The Family

Male, 52, USA (TRIGGER WARNING Incest) “Autumn’s firm body was now pressing against mine, her hands ran over my body and her right hand discovered my hardening penis.”

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One-night stand

Travel Friend

Male, 41, USA
“I finally couldn’t resist any longer and pulled her bra down exposing her huge pink nipples.”

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One-night stand

Date Weekend Hookup

Man, 42, Philadelphia
“She eventually climbed on me cowgirl style and slowly work my cock into her tightness.”

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Transactional sex


Man, 36, Jersey City
“…she screamed like I heard her with a few other guys through our thin walls.”

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Group sex

College Threesome

Man, 35, New Jersey
“They fucked for a while I alternated between watching them and standing on the bed so she could suck my dick as they fucked.”

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It All Happened Very Quickly

Man, 43, Ohio
“He worked on my balls and my ass and each time he circled his tongue around my hole I moaned out in pleasure.”

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One-night stand

The Pot-Smoking Babysitter

Male, 42, Philadelphia
“She deep throated me, sucked on my balls and was very verbal telling me how much she wanted my cock.”

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Short fling

The Neighbor

Man, 42, USA
“In my basement we both quickly stripped and she pushed me down on the couch.”

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