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Stories from author "Jason "


Soaring to the Stars

Male, 51, USA
“Her nipples were hard from the coolness of the night and that was a turn on.”

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One-night stand

Grindr Hookup

Male, 35, USA
“He dropped his pants and I started giving him head.”

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One-night stand

First Time

Male, 19, Canada
“Then he lunged his ass up and got back on the bed but he climbed back on me and then put my cock in his ass.”

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First of many

Barnes And Noble

Male, 53, USA
“For the next ten minutes, Wendy masterfully gave me the best blowjob of my life…”

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Short fling

Coworker in Need

Man, 42, USA
“She reach her orgasm after about 3 pumps, something that she’d later admit both surprised and embarrassed her.”

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One-night stand

First Fling

Male, 56, Rio de Janeiro
“After rubbing back and forth she positioned herself so I immediately entered her deeply.”

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