Stories from author "John"


The Casual Sex Protocols

Whether you’re just starting to explore the world of casual sex or you’ve been here for years, there’s always more…

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Married Co-Workers

Male, 57, USA
“She dropped to her knees and undid my pants pulling my hard cock out of my pants.”

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Group sex

Long Term Threesome

Man, 74, USA
“I immediately replaced him slipping my penis into the soaking warm pussy he had just left.”

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Short fling

First Fling

Male, 27, USA
(TRIGGER WARNING Sexual Aggression)
“I didn’t say anything and just guided her head and made her choke on my cock some more.”

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One-night stand

Coed Sex

Man, 21, California
“I love diving in between a girl’s legs and taking in the aroma of her.”

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Public in Industrial Area

Male, 30, Oakland
“It was very exciting to be so aggressively fucking someone in what was basically a dusty field in the middle of the city.”

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