Stories from author "James"


The Casual Sex Protocols

Whether you’re just starting to explore the world of casual sex or you’ve been here for years, there’s always more…

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A Willing Participant

Man, 62, US
“I also know that this is an invitation to take her from behind and give her a load of my cum.”

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Transactional sex

Another Milestone

Male, 75, Australia
“I felt him unzip my fly and his hand close around my cock.”

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One-night stand

The Beginning

Man, 75, Australia
“…I decided to emerge naked, half hard holding my speedos …”

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Group sex

First MFM

Male, 38, Toronto
“It was pretty hot watching her take his huge cock in her ass…”

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Short fling

Stranger on the Dance Floor

Male, 24, California
“Veronica kept grinding against my cock till we were almost fucking with each other with our clothes on.”

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One-night stand

Flower of the City

Male, 27, USA
“We left to go to her apartment I danced with her as I undressed her.”

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