Stories from author "tom"


The Casual Sex Protocols

Whether you’re just starting to explore the world of casual sex or you’ve been here for years, there’s always more…

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OkCupid In Paris

Woman, 20, France
“After he orgasmed, we smoked a cigarette at the window, like a real Parisian couple”

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One-night stand

Business Trip Creampie

Man, 35, USA
“She was a great cock sucker. Rubbed my dick between her giant tits and swallowed my whole shaft. “

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Transactional sex

Escort Creampie

Man, 34, Minnesota
“I asked if I could cum inside and she said ‘Please daddy.'”

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One-night stand

A Night in Paris

Man, 38, Copenhagen
“She took my cock far in her mouth but managed to spin her around it”

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Transactional sex

Craigslist TS

Man, 35, Minnesota
“She sat up and pulled out a thick 9-inch black cock. I had to touch it.”

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One-night stand

Last Night

Male, 31, NYC
“We fingered for a bit and started fucking.”

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