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Stories from author "A"


Four Times

Female, 22, North America
“I would almost do unspeakable things if it meant I could feel it like that again during sex…”

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Group sex

First Foursome

Woman, 22, US
“She was so soft and so were her lips; it took me by surprise because I’m used to the roughness of guys. I think it was right about this time that we broke the bed.”

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One-night stand

Vomit. Twice.

Man, 19, USA
“We went back to his apartment, we took our clothes off and jumped into bed.”

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One-night stand

Sex With A 16 Year Old

Man, 38, Honolulu
“…she sat on my face while I ate her out and she tried to finish up her phone conversation.”

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Short fling

Areas Unknown

30, Man, India
“She was an animal kissing me all over, biting and pressing her tits hard when I sucked. I was on the verge of cumming while making out.”

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