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Stories from author "J"


Hookup Across The Country

Female, 26, USA
“During dinner, he actually had me go to the bathroom to take my panties off and give them to him. People were looking, and I liked it.”

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Group sex

I Watched My Girlfriend With Another Man

Man, 29, California
“I fucked her hard with another man’s cum still on her face and tits. I came so hard inside of her that night that I don’t know if I’ve ever orgasmed that hard in my life.”

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First of many

First Time

Male, 33, USA
“I noticed the same guy had found me again…”

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Grindr Hookup

Man, 34, Canada
“I could feel his hardness, as well as mine, between us.”

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Sex with an Ex


Man, 36, UK
“… she firmly started to wank my cock, still quite slow, very slow actually but with a much firmer grip.”

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Short fling

My Ford Taurus

Woman, USA
“In two seconds, I feel like I’m going to come, and we pull some kind of synchronized swimming maneuver so that he winds up fucking me from behind.”

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