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Stories from author "jay"

Short fling

Pregnant Sister In Law Surprise

Man, 55, Virginia
“When I got to her room, she was laying on her bed with a pillow under her ass, her legs spread and ready for me to do the obvious.”

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One-night stand

I Barebacked A Transsexual

Male, 40, USA
“I start making my way down her body, pulling her top away from her enormous tits…”
(May contain offensive language and misgendering)

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All Weekend Long

Male, 59, New Orleans
“…she said she would rather come crash at my house.”

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Group sex

Sensual Massage

Male, 55, USA
“Eventually, her legs started to twitch and slid into a rolling orgasm.”

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One-night stand

Come to Mama

Male, 33, Florida
” I got between her legs and was still pushing the vibrator in and out…”

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Sex with an Ex

Closure Sex

Male, 43, USA
“The minute we were alone, we went at it like animals…”

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Group sex

My First Gangbang

Man, 23, USA
“They then started taking turns fucking me doggy style while I sucked one of their cocks”

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Man, 28, Canada
“She wanted to suck me and I let her.”

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One-night stand


Man, 25, New York
“She pays and she tells me we are going to drink somewhere more private…”

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