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Stories from author "Matty"

One-night stand

Asian Ebay Lover

Man, 50, London
“Thrusting into her and kissing her at the same time we quickly found a rhythm with her making little gasps every time my cock bottomed out deep inside her until her first orgasm struck.”

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Transactional sex

East European Big Lady

Male, 50, London
“She appeared to warm up to this and began humming gently and wriggling her fingers in my hair as I ate her out gently and then faster.”

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School Teaching Lust

Male, 50, London
“…she shuddered and gushed wet over my tongue and fingers and I pulled my face hard into her wet pussy as her orgasm rocked her.”

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Russian Punk

Male, 50, UK
“…stood in the room naked without wearing any panties”

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