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Stories from author "Dan"

Group sex

Crazy Group Sex

Male, 27, USA
“We made it a game to remove an article of clothing every time you took a hit.”

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One You Don’t Forget

Male, 44, USA
“I had her totally naked, and she had her hand down my shorts stroking my cock.”

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My Shared Wife

Male, 52, USA
“I had been asking her for a year to hook up with another soldier…”

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Sex with an Ex

15 Minutes with an Ex

Man, 44, USA
“She bit my chest, I slapped her ass *hard*, then held her down and fucked her as she “fought” against me.”

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Short fling

Sex for Four Hours Non-Stop

Male, 50, Canada
“As soon as she got wet, I inserted two fingers and started stroking and rubbing her insides, feeling for her G spot.”

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Short fling

Quick Sex

Man, 50, Canada
“I licked her delicious juices from my fingers as I went to get a condom.”

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