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Stories from author "Dave"

Short fling

A Short Fling

Male, 70, Australia
“I gently stroked my hands and face all over her back, bum and legs….”

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Group sex

2nd Gangbang in a Day

Man, 31, Washington DC
“I came inside her so hard I think my balls were literally draining themselves…”

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The Greatest Orgasm of My Life

Man, 36, California
“My pulses were coming three times faster than normal and the actual ejaculation must have last thirty seconds.”

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Transactional sex

She Had a Huge Surprise

Man, 35, NYC
“I was so turned on that I felt like I am going to explode, which I did 10 seconds after she started blowing me.”

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My Boss’ Wife

Male, 35, New York City
“She grabbed my hand and guided it into her pants for me to feel how wet she was.”

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First Time Bareback

Man, 38, USA
“The feeling of shooting rope inside a bare pussy for the first time is a wonderful memory.”

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