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Check out this guest post by Kenneth Play about the amazing LELO TOR™ 2!

Fear is one of the most common responses from men when I encourage them to incorporate toys into their playtime.

Men often have the false belief that if they incorporate toys in play, they’re incompetent or can’t satisfy a woman without the toys. For me, it’s been quite the opposite experience. I have dozens of sex toys in my room, and my partners get excited about all my pleasure tools and can’t wait for me to play with them. I love knowing that I have so much potential for pleasure to offer partners, and that I can really show them a good time. And, it’s fun!

Check out my room. Any toy you could possibly want, right at my fingertips.

My room was literally built for PLAY. Yes, I have a dim sum cart of sex toys.

I am really passionate about changing the current perspective and opening the market so more straight men will use toys with partnered sex.

Cock rings are a great entry-level item for getting men started with toys. There is nothing to change or learn beyond remembering to put it on. Wearing a cock ring can help to give you a fuller, harder erection that may last longer and may potentially help you control your orgasm. Now, add VIBRATION to a cock ring, and you and your partner get fun new sensations to really push things over the edge. This is a win-win for all parties involved.



Unfortunately, most vibrating cock rings on the market come up way short of the finish line: they’re uncomfortable, run on batteries that die quickly, are expensive or impossible to replace, and have designs that can make even the most confident guy a little self-conscious.

…MUCH better.

In comes the TOR™ 2 from LELO: a vibrating cock ring built to be worn during intercourse that can make the ride way more fun for both partners. The TOR™ 2 is a rechargeable vibrating cock ring that packs the strongest vibrations available in a commercial cock ring and gives you 1.5 hours of play time per charge. It’s made of high-grade silicone, so it’s stretchy and, most importantly, COMFORTABLE to wear. That flexible, soft material makes for a more pleasant sensation than some others I’ve tried and lets me wear the ring for a marathon play session.

And what makes it more exciting? It’s WATERPROOF! Hmm… that means it can come along to play in the shower, bath, pool, and even turn up hot tub play a few more degrees. I have a fun sex hack I’ve developed to take advantage of the battery life and submersible features of the TOR™ 2, but first check out some important tips on how to put on a cock ring and information on how to use a cock ring safely.

Now that that’s out of the way, I want to talk to you about koalas.


Here’s a fun sex hack to try with the TOR™ 2, and I call it the Koala Orgasm. Since it is waterproof and wireless, you can discreetly slip on the TOR™ 2 while seated in a poor or hot-tub, and have your partner straddle your lap facing you. This allows her to line up her clit with the powerful vibrating motor for a truly epic orgasm. To take the play up another level, you can combine it with the (also waterproof) HUGO for intense prostate stimulation. This creates a world of mixed vibrations both partners can really enjoy! There aren’t many toys that have this kind of aquatic ability, so take advantage of what this ring has to offer!

The Koala Orgasm is just one way to play with the TOR™ 2, but stimulation possibilities double when you spin the ring around. The “standard” cock ring arrangement, with the motor pointing up, is fantastic for lining up with the clit, but flip it downwards and you can line it up for “doggy-style” and “reverse cowgirl” positions, vibration and stimulation on your partner’s taint, and tantalizing stimulation on your scrotum!

Overall, I have been really excited and pleased with the flexibility, power, and comfort of the TOR™ 2 and want to encourage my penis-owning readers out there to give it a shot. If you already like it, then put a ring on it…you might just like it more. Then, this might open the door to more exploration into other sex toys to really expand your sexual palate, revealing endless play possibilities for you and your partner(s).

BUT WAIT! Want to know the actual best part of all this? LELO is having some amazing Christmas sales on their luxury gift sets, from 30-50% off retail price. You can get the TOR™ 2 for a discount when you buy The Accomplice Luxury Gift Set, complete with a TOR™ 2, Twelve LELO HEX condoms, and LELO’s Personal Moisturizer, a beautiful bottle of water-based lube that you’ll want to display on your nightstand. Plus, use the code DRZHANAXMAS at checkout to get an extra 10% off your order, or any other toys or gift sets!

It’s not too late to ask Santa for this sexy stocking stuffer and make 2017 the year to start incorporating toys into your play!