CSP Top Picks Week of Jan 11 2016

Spontaneous sex is the name of the game this week! These storytellers may not have planned to end their nights with a hookup, but once they got started, that’s where they ended up. Read on! Any of these sound like familiar scenarios to you?

First, a guy recounts how dancing led to kissing led to hooking up! Things get steamy in Red Hot:

We undressed each other and I lay back on the bed and she took my cock in her mouth. As she blew me, I had her position her body so that we were in the 69 position and I could go down on her too and she started getting more vigorous with my cock as I found her clit with my tongue.

With the right people, a casual hangout between a couple and their male friend could lead to a very hot, spontaneous threesome. Check out the details that took a friendly relationship to the next level in Threesome with My Girlfriend & Best Friend:

Next thing I know she was naked and on top of my buddy making out with him. I helped him take his pants off, and he was about halfway hard. So I sucked his cock for about 5 minutes while They fucked for a few minutes and then she moved up and sat on his face and he asked me to suck his cock again so I did. Her pussy on his cock tasted amazing.

Finally, two new college students take advantage of college life in Freshers Week. Things start with a little grinding on the dance floor and then some grinding back at the dorm.

She was sat on my lap and my erection was pressing hard.  I managed to get my hand up her shirt and onto her breasts despite her feeble protests. Her nipples became hard as I rubbed and her breathing changed; my other hand was now down the front of her skirt past the waistband of her cotton knickers and I felt some trimmed pubes.  She grabbed my hand firm and said not here, so we decided to leave and go to her room.

Have you ever had spontaneous sex with someone you just met or someone you’ve known for years? Tell us the juicy details! Share your casual sex story here.