A Different Kind of Finishing School

“I’m 47 years old now and I don’t think anyone has ever made me cum! I have been masturbating for so long, I have my own way of doing it and I don’t really know how I would explain it to someone else.”

I receive some version of this message almost daily from women of all ages and origins.

As women, we are taught many myths about ourselves throughout our lives, especially when it comes to sexuality. We are told that our orgasm is difficult, complicated, and mysterious – and many women internalize that.

But as with anything else, orgasms are a skill, something you have to learn how to do and as the old saying goes “practice makes perfect.” While there is no such thing as the perfect technique or orgasm, practice definitely helps (and by practice, I mean masturbation).

But, figuring out how to get yourself to orgasm is only the beginning. Being able to get there with a partner can be even harder and if you find yourself struggling with that, you may start wondering if you’re broken. Let me be the first to tell you that you’re not. As I said before, orgasming is a skill and you’re not alone in this.

Orgasm coaching is not something I deal with in my practice. (As you may know, I primarily focus on ethical nonmonogamy coaching.) But I know someone who does and her work is EXTRAORDINARY. Her name is Vanessa Marin, and she’s a sex therapist based in LA who’s been working with women for over a decade to help them overcome orgasm difficulties.

Vanessa normally offers 1-on-1 coaching on reaching orgasm, as well as a 10-week online course called Finishing School (Alone or with a Partner). But starting February 14, she is offering a free 4-video online Masterclass that is all about how to get to the big finish with a partner.

By the end of the series, you’ll know the exact steps you need to take to start orgasming with your partner. Interested? Head over to the signup page for Vanessa’s Female ORGASM MASTERCLASS. The 4-video series is completely free, but you have to sign up before the deadline.

I’ve checked out her courses, and they are mindblowingly good!  So if you or a loved one is struggling with reaching an orgasm with a partner, I urge you to check out Vanessa’s Masterclass.

For now,

Stay curious,
Dr. Zhana