Anal Play 101

Sex educator Kenneth Play has published a series of tutorials on his PornHub channel. Here at the Casual Sex Project, we believe in talking about sexuality in an open and direct way, and Kenneth’s teaching follows that same philosophy. Check out his tutorial on anal play:

Curious about anal play? Whether you’ve tried it before or are looking to try it for the first time, this video guides you through some of my favorite sex hacks to make anal play enjoyable for all parties.

You’ll notice in this video that my co-teacher, Riley Reyes, and I are using a dominance/submission dynamic in our interactions. This is something we do because it’s fun for us, and it made the process of creating this video feel more authentic. However, none of the techniques presented here require that kind of dynamic! The important thing is finding what feels fun and authentic for you and your partners,and incorporating that into your play.

In this video, I go over tips including:
· Hygiene and safety concerns
· Anal PNF stretching
· The magic of lube
· Incorporating clitoral play into your anal play

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If you’re interested in learning more from Kenneth, he’s running a live stream next week about sex advice for couples in long-term relationships! Learn more here.