CSP Top Pick Stories From Week of Oct 26, 2015

Halloween weekend should always lead to fun. If you have a sexy story from this weekend, or any other Halloween, share it here!

Now, on to this week’s favorite casual sex stories! Here’s a taste of each…click the links for the juicy details.

An “experience junkie” in a long-term relationship meets a fellow musician at a music festival and secretly meet again for a tour-bus tryst in A Pint of Piss. “He’d already told me he wanted me to piss in his mouth. I’d never really been into piss before but inspired by a Dominatrix I’d been to see I told him he’d be drinking my champagne. I’d only really played submissive before now but he seemed to be bringing out a pleasurable dominant streak in me that I hadn’t even known was there.”

A night out with the cast turns into a sexy adventure when two actresses hook up. No names are revealed, but our storyteller insists the Famous Actress Wanted It. “We had sex in her room. She was VERY into it, VERY much a lez. Usually I am a top but she was very dom that night, although not manic or anything. She definitely took charge and was definitely experienced. She sucked my boobs for the longest time and fingered me and I came.”

When one hookup doesn’t play out, a man visits his favorite working girl for some secret satisfaction in Incredibly Hot Brothel Sex. Although I see her every few months, Jess never remembers my name – not that I care, she remembers me. She’s always pleased to see me – her eyes light up when she sees it’s me in the room. On this occasion she said, “Oh, it’s my handsome man!” Now I’m not fool enough to think there’s anything terribly special about that – but she is a true professional and if it is an act it’s a very convincing one.”

In Booty, Honor, Country two military college classmates took their debate practice seriously but their hooking up much more casually. See how a study session turned into something steamier. “It started in earnest when I got fake exasperated and leaned all the way over and collapsed over his lap. I stroked his crotch and as I came back up, he leaned down and kissed me on my neck. We made out for a few minutes in the day room but, being as he was an upperclassman and this was a military college, we had to be more private if anything was to happen.”

Which stories were your favorites this week? Don’t forget, you can always share a casual sex story of your own anonymously on The Casual Sex Project here.