CSP Top Picks 1/1-1/10/2016

We’re 1 week into 2016 and so far it’s been full of fun and sexy adventures! We have two favorite stories from this past week. If you’re still working out your sexual resolutions for 2016, these two stories may inspire you to put threesome/foursome/moresome on your list.

First we have Her First Gangbang. It turns out to be the first gangbang for more than one participant! What starts as a planned gangbang for the writer’s wife’s cousin turns into a wild ride for everyone involved. The writer’s wife volunteers to photograph and film the whole encounter while he participates. The scene below is just the start of their encounter, we highly recommend you read through to the end!

I jumped on top of her and shoved my dick into her mixed pussy! She groaned loudly. I started to fuck her roughly as the other guys shuffled over. Mike shoved his dick in her mouth and basically face fucked the woman. Tyrone got on the other side and she jerked him off. Jeff got next to mike and she jerked him off as well. Martin was still soft so he played with her tits and when I leaned back he would rub her clit.

Next, another first time! In First Threesome with Wife and Friend, a man shows his make friend a sexy photo of his wife and suggests a threesome. While his friend agrees, our author still needs to introduce the idea to his wife. See how he gets the conversation started, and where it leads:

I said completely out of no where…we should tag team my wife, half jokingly, and he got way into it, and was like let’s do it! Him and I had decided to do it, and I hadn’t told her about this yet… I went home that night, and as we were having sex, I stuck my fingers in her mouth, and said suck them like it’s my friend cock! She got way into it, like went completely crazy! I came so hard it was amazing! We fucked like 6 times that night imagining what it would be like!

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