CSP Top Picks Week of Jan 18, 2016

Three Casual Sex Project stories kept us especially warm while we were waiting out the east coast blizzard. We learned that a party, a night at the club, or a casual friend-hangout can turn lead to two people actualizing their mutual desires and having a hot hookup! If you’re still snowbound or want to read about friends turning into friends-with-benefits, try these stories.

First, what starts as a party turns into A Freaky Night with My Friend for two high school students. All it took was the desire and the right opportunity. And the rewards are great:

As she left she told me to call her, cum dripping down her legs and thighs. It was the hottest experience of my life.

Read the whole story to see what took these friends to friends-with-benefits territory.

Next, some Dirty Dancing leads to more dirty activities in this hot hookup! As the club closes, a woman takes the lead and brings a man back to her (parents’!) place. It starts with a blowjob and then…

I asked her what she wanted me to do to her & she pulled my dick out of her mouth and gasped, “whatever you want to” so I shoved it back in & started to fuck her mouth, at this moment I knew she was a dirty girl and I was in for a good time.

You have to read the story to see what happens next.

Finally, two female friends watch a movie together and take their friendship to the next level.  Seduced, Orgasmed, Wanted It Again sums up the adventure. Here’s a taste of the action:

There was a little silence between us — we had been jabbering, like usual — and she softly asked me if she had permission to kiss me and said “I want you to say no if you’re not feeling yes”. I just nodded to her and raised my chin a little and we kissed, and it was rather sweet.

It got spicy soon after that so click the link above to read the juicy details.

Have you ever had a friendship morph into friends-with-benefits? Tell us how it happened! Share your casual sex story here.