Cyber Monday DEAL from Lelo!

Looking for sweet #CyberMonday deals? Look no further. Our sponsor Lelo has beautiful, high quality adult toys and you can get 25% off and FREE international shipping with code DRZHANABF!

(If you missed the Black Friday deal, you’re in luck―the sale is going on until December 1!)



Here are some ideas for great gifts for the special person (or people!) in your life and a few items that are specially designed to be enjoyed as a couple. But Lelo products don’t have to be exchanged between lovers! Think about friends who might enjoy these high-end toys. Did you know that 65% of women under 35 women received their first sex toy as a gift by a female friend? We dare you to buy these gifts for friends, lovers, and yourself.

Whether you wrap the gift and give it in front of the whole family or give it a bit more discreetly…that’s all up to you. 😉

Here are some ideas!


The Perfect Gifts For Her



Lily 2 Plum

Petite and pleasantly scented (yes, that matters!), LILY 2 is the external vibe that’s perfect for power queens and sex toy beginners alike. It’s so little and cute! It’s waterproof, too, so store it in your shower and enjoy the power.


A rabbit vibe with moves you’ve never seen before, it’s no wonder INA Wave became a Lelo bestseller within weeks of its release. Check out the video on Lelo’s site and you’ll see how it’s different.


The Perfect Gifts For Him


LELO_Hugo_ Black

Whether your partner is already pro prostate stimulation or just interested in starting to explore it, this remote-controlled prostate massager represents an entirely new way to think of men’s pleasure for solo or partnered pleasure. HUGO has a sleek and smooth form that is perfectly formed for giving even beginners a bigger and better orgasm through prostate stimulation. And did we mention the REMOTE CONTROL??



LOKI Wave is the newly released prostate massager that packs in something just a little bit extra―it’s the first prostate product to offer a ‘come-hither’ motion that mimics manual prostate stimulation. Give this to your guy…and then use it together!


The Perfect Gifts to Share

Remote control? Check.

Gold? Check.

But it’s not a new TV or jewelry… it’s something even more exciting.

Sometimes the best presents we get for our partner are the ones we also get to enjoy, and TIANI 24k is a prime example. Sealed with a 24 karat gold kiss, this vibrating couples’ massager is designed to be worn during intercourse to elevate shared sexual sensations when making love.



TOR 2 makes for the perfect present for him that’s really a present for the both of you. As the most sophisticated vibrating couples’ ring in the world, not only does its stretchy silicone ring offer longer lasting, fuller erections for him, it also packs some intense vibrations for her. It’s rechargeable and Lelo says it’s the equivalent of 10,000 single-use vibrating rings making the price well worth it!