Husbands Who Love to Please


In a long-term relationship? Wanting to “spice up” your sex life?, Buying a new piece of lingerie or a pair of handcuffs often ends up being gimmicky and disappointing. The new PlayLab from Kenneth Play will share sex hacks that his private clients pay $1,000 for. Now you can access that same curriculum for 10% of the price!

From a deeply sexually insecure Asian immigrant to becoming the most viewed sex educator on PornHub and being named the World’s Greatest Sex Hacker by GQ, Kenneth will teach you how to unlock your wife’s true sexual desires and ignite your relationship. His teaching styles are often described as a mashup of Bruce Lee, Martha Stewart, and Tim Feriss, and he has been featured in ViceThrillistTime Out, Playboy, Psych N Sex, and Fatherly.

This PlayLab is for:

– Husbands that are devoted to their wives’ pleasure.

– Wives who are struggling to communicate their desires.

– Couples who are curious about their pleasure potential and want to try on different styles of play.

– Couples who are stuck in a routine and not sure where to go or how to spice it up.

In this PlayLab live stream, you will learn about:

– Cliteracy… Understanding female anatomy of pleasure

– Erotic touch and the science behind it

– Different types of orgasms

– Making time for sex

– Breaking stale sexual routines

– Asking for what you want

– Sharing sexual fantasies that really arouse you

– Shifting from lovey time to sexy time

– Discovering mutual turn-ons

– Techniques that will deepen your sexual intimacy as a couple

What to Expect

We’re now bringing the immersive experience of a live PlayLab straight to your bedroom. You can set up your own environment and get comfortable. All you need is a laptop and an internet connection!

The PlayLab has three parts:

  1. A TedTalk-style lecture by Kenneth about cliteracy, sexual communication, and pleasure.
  2. A live demo of Kenneth’s favorite sex hacks.
  3. A conversation with Dr. Megan about common struggles couples in long-term relationships face!



$97 = lifetime access

100% Satisfaction guaranteed! Risk-free learning!