National Orgasm Day is Coming Up, So Here Are 5 Tips for Better Orgasms During Hookups

Orgasms are one of life’s most spectacular pleasures, but sometimes when you’re between the sheets with someone who doesn’t know your body intimately, it can be a lot harder than usual to reach the big O.

We’re here to help.

So, with National Orgasm Day coming up on July 31st, we thought it’d be the perfect time to fill you in on 5 genius tips to help you orgasm harder, better, and more often during even the most casual of hookups.

1. Use Lube

When it comes to sex, lube is your best friend. Even if you think you don’t need it, you should still use some. Just a little bit of lube will reduce friction and increase sensitivity, making sex feel a hell of a lot better than it already does. You know what they say: The slipperier the slide, the better the ride.

Here’s a pro tip for all proud penis owners: Put a drop or two of lube inside the condom before putting it on. You’ll thank us later.




2. Don’t Drink Too Much

For many of us, alcohol is a catalyst for casual sex, but ironically, some of the physiological effects of alcohol make it that much harder to orgasm. Surely, you’ve heard of a little something called whiskey dick, right? Right. But get this – it’s not just men who feel the wrath of one drink too many. Too much booze can hinder everyone’s performance, and makes it harder for women to come, too.

Going overboard on alcohol not only decreases sexual arousal and sensitivity, but can also make it much harder to climax, as well as decrease the intensity of your orgasm…if it ever happens.

So, for the sake of an amazing orgasm, drink responsibly.

3. Communicate

Casual sex partners aren’t very likely to be tuned in to what makes you tick in bed – especially if it’s a one-night stand who knows absolutely nothing about you. So, if nothing they’re doing is really getting you there, speak up — verbally or nonverbally — about what feels good and what you want.

Being comfortable and telling your partner how you like to be touched and what feels good is a surefire way to have better orgasms, because they’ll get a better sense of what you want, and the sexy talking itself is a huge turn-on.

4. Experiment

Considering this is a hookup with someone you’re not that invested with (or might not even see again), allow yourself to try things you might not feel comfortable trying with a serious, long-term partner. As long as you’re feeling safe and the kink is consensual, this is your chance to pull out lots of different crazy fantasies!

But let’s get one thing cleared up: Experimenting in the boudoir doesn’t necessarily mean breaking out the ball gags, hot wax, and latex catsuits…unless you’re both into that stuff. If that’s the case, go nuts!

Experimenting can be anything from role-play to bondage to finally trying out that unforgettably freaky sex position you saw in that one porno two years ago. Anything you’ve been fantasizing about, this is your time to bring it up without any consequences if your casual partner isn’t into it.

5. Relax and Have Fun!

Last but not least, we present to you one of the most important tips of all: Relax and allow yourself to enjoy the fun experience you’re having. If you’re feeling anxious, stressed, or guilty in the back of your mind, odds are you aren’t going to have a mind-blowing orgasm….or any orgasm, for that matter.

As long as the hookup is consensual and safe, try to shut down all the noise in your brain and let yourself relax and fully enjoy the moment. Only then will the toe-curling, breath-hitching, “don’t stop!!!” orgasms bless you.

Good luck out there and stay sexy, my friends.