CSP Top Pick Stories From This Week

Missed some stories this week? Here are two of our favorites.

What Happens in Moscow? An American college student has an exciting encounter with a native Russian man who fulfills her years-long fantasy.

When finally faced with a real dick, I was initially very hesitant, because although I had studied the theory of sex extensively, I had no practical experience at all. It was like being assigned a research project in a bio lab. But the boy turned out to have the patience of all the best teachers I’ve had, and he carefully instructed me on how to pleasure him, first with my hands, then my mouth.

See where the story ends up here.

In South Africa, Tinder Tom didn’t forget his secret sexual weapon on a second date: cable ties. Read how he put them to use.

So we enter my flat and as soon as the door closes and locks Tinder Tom has me pushed up against it. He starts kissing me and kisses my neck whilst I moved my hands along his body eventually touching him under his shirt. I grabs my neck and I became instantly wet.

How do the cable ties come into play? Find out here.

Which stories were your favorites this week? Don’t foret, you can always share a casual sex story of your own anonymously on The Casual Sex Project here.