Our Top Casual Sex Stories From the Week of Nov 2, 2015

Your stories of Halloween hookups are coming soon! Meanwhile, here are a few sexy stories to devour in the meantime. Don’t forget, you can join our group of Sex Blogging Superheroes (The Just Sex League) by sharing a story here!

Now, on to this week’s favorite casual sex stories! Click the links to read the full stories. Tell us your favorites from the week in the comments or on our Facebook or Twitter pages.

Was it a dare or a real request? Judge for yourself after reading Piss Your Pants for Me about a kinky friends-with-benefits couple. We went back over to the sofa and he started talking asking me to piss my pants. He wanted me to pee on his floor while he filmed, then said he would take me next door, rip my pants off and shove them in my mouth, then shove his cock in too. I was pretty turned on and vaguely horrified at the same time. I told him he was a sick dirty bastard and he told me I was a filthy slut. He told me I was to be a good girl and do what I was told, then took me through to the bedroom.”

“We ended up quitting on the studying around 11, and started to play silly games like never have I ever that lead to truth or dare when it was clear that Anne and I had done nothing and Jack wanted to change that.”  See what happened when a group of three stopped playing a game and started playing with each other in Roommate Got Us Both Over the Hill.

A different approach to dating leads to a steamy encounter in Sex is Simple, Fucking is Just Fun. “I was dripping wet by the time we got our clothes off. His cock was a perfect size, not too big, not small at all, and quite wide so it gave me a lot of feeling. He fucked me softly first, he made me moan and told me how good my pussy felt. We changed positions a few times, missionary, doggy style, and me fucking him while I was on top. That last one felt really good and allowed me to be in control whilst he was playing with my clit.”