Our Top Casual Sex Stories From the Week of Nov 9, 2015

This week, two of our favorites come from women who shared salacious stories of drug-influenced hookups with attached men. You’ll have to read each one to see how the hookups came about. Here’s a taste of each.

A student describes her casual sex partner with just 3 words: Dumb Fucks Well.  Here’s a sample of her story:

Erk pulled down his pants and presented his massive cock. I immediately put it into my mouth and licked on it. He commented on how well I could suck, but he also wanted to have his balls licked. I licked his balls. I had never licked a boys’ balls before and it felt strange and kinky. Erk kept on fingering me while I was giving him oral sex.

In The Sheriff, an avid skier races a man on vacation down the slopes then takes him back to her place for a steamy encounter.

I remember him being so strong. He would just tuck his forearm under my bum and lift me up to move me without missing a stroke on my clit. My top and bra came off somehow and my nipples were hard in his mouth. He was wearing these really smooth thin material pants so I can feel ridges on the tip of his dick underneath. This is a huge turn on for me and I could feel EXACTLY how big and hard the dick waiting for me was.

We quite enjoyed this bonus moment, too: I could still smell his cologne on my pussy the next morning.

Which stories were your favorites this week? Don’t forget, you can always share a casual sex story of your own anonymously on The Casual Sex Project here.