Some People Say I’m the Phil Jackson of Sex Coaching…

Check out this blog post by Kenneth Play.

Or at least Grant Stoddard seems to think so in his article for Vice, “I Hired a Coach to Watch Me Have Sex.”

Nothing makes me happier than teaching someone a skill that they’re curious about but are hesitant or afraid to learn.  Everybody has that one sexy thing they’ve always wondered about. If I can teach you and your partner new ways to give each other pleasure reliably, your life is changed from that point forward. It’s like the saying goes: give a man a fish, and he’ll eat for one day, but teach a man to fish, and he’ll eat for life.

Remember the first time you masturbated and discovered a new way you could give yourself mind-blowing pleasure? That moment of discovery changes your life forever.  After figuring out how to orgasm, a lot of people stop exploring new ways to feel that pleasure.  Most adults don’t change the way they have partnered sex.  They’re either fucking the same way they’ve been fucking since high school, or they get into a long-term relationship where sex becomes routine.  Giving people that experience of discovering pleasure again is why I became a sex coach.

It was amazing showing my friend Grant how to be assertive or dominant in the bedroom.  When his girlfriend, Alex, was tied up and submissive, she no longer had control of what would happen next.  This freed up her mind to let go and receive squirting g-spot pleasure, which established more intimacy and trust between them.

I’m also thrilled that this type of sex coaching is becoming more normalized in the mainstream media.  As Grant mentions in the article, learning new sex skills is the same as learning any other new skill, and having someone show you those skills in a hands-on way is absolutely vital.

More info on my sex coaching services can be found here. Info on upcoming group PlayLabs where I impart some of the hacks Grant mentions can be found here.  If you’re curious about squirting, there’s clip on that hack available for download here.