Top CSP Stories – 12/7

This week, our two favorite stories reminded us that you can still meet a hookup partner the old-fashioned way… in person! That’s right, not all hookups come from Tinder/Grindr/online dating. Read on to learn how these two writers met their casual sex partners and the fantasies that were fulfilled afterwards.

In My First BBC, a man fulfills a fantasy at a bathhouse…yes, they still exist and yes, men still hook-up there. Read the whole story for all of the details, here’s a sample:

I knew I wanted him more than anything or anyone. He told me to grab it and feel it. I grabbed it with both hands, it was amazing how big and heavy it was, yet warm and soft. He sat down on the bench and I quickly followed to my knees.

In our second story, a woman seeks comfort after being fired from an internship and finds it at a “notoriously trashy” bar. Get a sample of what happens in Got Fired? Have a Devil’s Threesome (that’s a threesome with two men and one woman, for those unfamiliar):

I blew one of them while the other one was behind me, fingering me and going down on me. The tall one even sat on my face. I was feeling very kinky and uninhibited. At one point, they poured coke on my boobs and snorted it off me.

No matter how you meet your hookup partner, we want to hear about it! If these stories reminded you of anything in your life, share your story here.