App-Controlled Vibrators for Adventurous (Public?) Players

In most cultures, sex is considered something private, something that no one but the people involved should witness. Sex in public, where unsuspecting strangers could witness the supposedly private act, is a huge taboo and is against the law in in many places. Yet, there is something very arousing in the idea of exposing your nude or sexual self to the gaze of others. In a recent study of over 1,000 Canadian adults, 35% of men and 27% of women reported interest in having sex with a partner in front of other people or where they were at risk of being seen. Combine this inherent exhibitionism with the endorphin and adrenaline rush of doing something forbidden and potentially being caught, and the result: sex in public is an appealing idea to many.

And the Casual Sex Project is proof of that: We’ve loved our contributors’ stories about sex in a dance club, at a sex club, on a tropical beach, at Burning Man (yes, public sex is prohibited at Burning Man, too!), as adults at your old high school, in a public toilet, in a park, in a hot spring, in a bath house, outside a partner’s window, to name a few. (We’re always curious to hear new hookup stories about public sex, so please share yours!)

In addition, the actual act of sex in public communicates a passionate sexual desire for a partner. You literally can’t wait to get your partner to someplace private and simply must touch them right now! The urgent lust trumps social codes and laws… what a way to make someone feel sexy and desirable! It’s a huge turn-on to know that someone is so attracted to you that he or she is powerless in your presence.

If you’re intrigued by the idea of sex in public, we have the inside scoop on a new set of app-controlled products, REMOJI™, that are sure to stimulate your imagination, while keeping you safe from getting in legal trouble for public sex, public indecency, or lewd behavior.

Imagine going to the beach or a park with a sexy partner. You lay out a blanket and enjoy the spring sunshine. You do exactly what every other young couple does on sunny afternoons: Relax and look at your cell phones. But, instead of checking Twitter or sharing perfectly composed photos on Instagram, you’re using an app to activate the vibrator your partner inserted in their body before you left your place. They try not to reveal the pleasure caused by the nearly silent vibrations, but the glance you receive says all you need to know.

Tease your partner further by whispering, “Someone’s coming!” when you activate the vibrator. Make them work even harder to hide their arousal, while you revel in the fact that you’re making them blush without any physical touch. And the best thing is, no one else needs to know… It’s your sexy little secret that will get both of your pulses racing. Admit it, you’re getting shivers just thinking about it.

Now, the vibrations may be discreet, but your partner’s moans and sighs might not be! To disguise the sexy sounds coming from your partner’s side of the blanket, you open up your music app and pick a playlist. This has the added benefit of creating a rhythm to inspire your sexy encounter. Imagine being able to adjust the vibrations you’re sending according to the music playing. Guess what? it’s possible! The more variety in your playlist, the more frequently you can adjust the vibrations, and the less likely your partner will orgasm. Prolonged stimulation without orgasm will make it even more exciting when you leave the park to return home and actually have sex. If you enjoy edging or teasing your partner, this experience is a perfect way to get you both warmed up for a later, more satisfying, encounter.

Of course, if a public park is a bit too much for you (or for your neighbors), spread your blanket out in your private backyard and pretend it’s a park, or talk about the fantasy of being caught when you’re actually safe at home with the shades drawn. We trust that you can think of other ways to tease your partner with your phone app without getting arrested.

If this fantasy sounds like fun, and you’re already brainstorming ways to do it safely and privately, we’re thrilled to inform you that the technology exists to make it a reality: Introducing a new series of sex toys and apps from PicoBong: REMOJI™.

A few weeks ago, we talked about the fun of power exchange when using Lelo’s remote-controlled Hugo™ toy. REMOJI™ takes this power exchange to a new, even more exhilarating level. It uses Bluetooth technology to connect the toys with the apps so you or a partner can control stimulation from up to 12 meters or 39 feet away. (One day, you’ll be able to control your partner’s vibrator from around the world. We hope so, at least!)

The new REMOJI™ series includes four different toys:


Surfer Remoji from PicoBong

REMOJI™ surfer from PicoBong

A vibrating butt plug, sleekly formed from silicone with a flared base for preventing total wipeouts. It’s perfect for first-timers and pros alike! Comes in 3 colors: blue (pictured), black, and purple. 


The Remoji™ Diver by PicoBong

REMOJI™ Diver by PicoBong

Designed with discreet pleasure in mind this egg has all the right curves to hit your G-spot. Comes in 3 colors: blue, cerise (pictured), and purple.


Remoji™ Blowhole by PicoBong

REMOJI™ Blowhole by PicoBong

This male masturbation M-Cup creates totally unique sensations that will completely blow you away! Comes in 3 colors: blue (pictured), black, and purple. 


Remoji™ Lifeguard by PicoBong

REMOJI™ Lifeguard by PicoBong

A stretchy silicone cock ring that accommodates all sizes to keep you and your partner bumping to the beat all night long! Comes in 3 colors: blue, black (pictured), and purple. 

Notice a beachy theme in the names? We imagine that sex on the beach with any REMOJI™ toy could be something like this gif (but much, much sexier). What an excellent excuse to book a getaway to a private beach so you can enjoy “public” sex without fear of breaking laws or being caught. Don’t try it at the Jersey Shore. You’ve been warned.

Remoji gif

Whatever part of the anatomy you want to stimulate, REMOJI™ has something for you. What’s more, the app has six built-in vibration settings, each inspired by a style of music: Hip Hop, Techno, Indie, Dubstep, Punk, and Jazzy. As the music in your sexy playlist changes, you can change the vibration setting your partner is experiencing.

Meet the vibration settings for your PicoBong

Meet the vibration settings for your PicoBong

Now, here’s what sets REMOJI™ apart even further. Besides these built-in vibration patterns, you can create your own rhythm by tapping and swiping the screen in the app. Follow along with a favorite song or channel your musical skills to play around see what your partner enjoys. (You could hand your phone off to him or her to play with the app, but we think it’s more fun to keep your partner guessing!) Just imagine all the music festivals you could enhance with this new technology: Bonnaro-ooohhhh, Coachell-AHHHH, Newport Folk Fuck Festival…you get the idea.

So, how do you get to harness the power of this technology in your own hands? Preorder a toy today on Indiegogo!

Right now, PicoBong’s main goal is to prove how great their idea for the REMOJI™ is. They currently have the completed, working sex toys and a working basic app, but they want to develop the app further and add more features. Your preorder will show the higher ups at the company just how much the public wants to experience these fun new toys. And you’ll get the toys before anyone else!

Want to know even more? Watch this video. Then, explore the Indiegogo page. If you order a REMOJI™ now, you’ll have it before anyone else AND you’ll save money off of the retail price. Start whispering sexy secrets to your partner tonight, because soon enough you’ll be able to stimulate him or her from across the picnic blanket, across the room, or across the dancefloor.