The Science of Sex Podcast is Here!

We’re excited to share that Dr. Zhana, our very own casual sex expert, has started a podcast! The show is called The Science of Sex, and it’s co-hosted by Zhana and Joe Pardavilla, a long-time contributor & pop culture expert with the Morning Show at WPLJ Radio in NYC.

In each episode of The Science of Sex, Joe and Zhana review recent sex science news, and going in-depth into one topic with a guest expert. Three great episodes have come out so far.

Episode #1, Sexual Diversity in the United States, dissects a groundbreaking study that dives into how many Americans are doing and desiring a wide range of sexual behaviors–never before studied using a nationally representative sample of US adults–from cuddling to whipping to threesomes. Their guest was Dr. Brian Dodge, one of the researchers who conducted the study.

Episode #2 features a fascinating interview with Dr. Michal Kosinski (Stanford University) about his controversial study showing that Artificial Intelligence (a computer algorithm) is able to distinguish gay from straight faces with frightening accuracy.

Episode #3 features a convo about the nature of monogamy and nonmonogamy with Dr. Lisa Dawn Hamilton, who ran a study finding that nonmonogamous men’s brains responded differently to romantic images than monogamous men’s.

We are super excited to introduce this podcast to you and the rest of the world. Because there are a lot of good sex-related podcasts, but none of them engages with the science of sexuality on a deep level that’s nonetheless accessible, engaging, and, dare we say, funny, and we thought many of you out there might like to hear something like that!

Here are all the links to listen, download, and subscribe.

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