Squirting – How Little We Know

Last week, a Twitter follower wrote the following in response to something I’d mentioned about squirting aka female ejaculation:

“For most men squirting is the Holy Grail of sex – the most definitive physical evidence that your partner is not faking it.”

But that’s not true… The idea that female ejaculation always means an orgasm is a total MYTH.

Squirting is simply the physical expulsion of liquid from the urogenital area of people with vaginas/vulvas. That’s it. It certainly can be accompanied by the subjective experience of an orgasm, but it doesn’t have to be. It can feel good, but it might not. In fact, sometimes it can feel actively unpleasant.

Most people have no idea about this–or anything else related to squirting–because this whole phenomenon is one massive enigma, not only to regular folks but to science as well.

When I looked at the published academic research for an answer to the question of “is squirting always an orgasm,” I found a total of two studies. T-W-O studies addressing this question.

But wait, it gets better…

One of the studies surveyed a total of 10 squirters; the other one a total of 13 squirters. Yup, our collective world knowledge about whether squirting is an orgasm is based on a total of 23 women. Based on this small sample, 26% said they did not experience orgasm with the ejaculation.

Basically, we know very little about this phenomenon.

Which is why I teamed up with my long-time collaborator and squirting expert, Kenneth Play, to create the world’s largest and most comprehensive survey on squirting ever conducted. A survey that will hopefully answer, once and for all, questions like:
– How many women can squirt?
– What makes women squirt?
– Is squirting always an orgasm?
– Is a squirting orgasm better than a non-squirting one?
– Do people like partners who squirt?
and sooo many more!

Want to participate?

Go to squirtingsurvey.com to take the survey. It takes between 20-45 minutes to complete so it’s best to take it on a computer or tablet instead of a phone. You don’t have to be a vagina-owner or have any experience with squirting (or any kind of sex). Anyone can take the survey. To thank you for your participation, there’s a discount code at the end of the survey for Kenneth’s courses. (There’s one on squirting!)

After we compile the results from the survey, we’re going to do a hands-on research lab with fifty non-squirters and then eventually we’ll put our findings in an exhibit. More to come on all of that soon!

If you want to know what else we already know from science about squirting, I talked about it to America’s favorite sex advice columnist and podcaster, Dan Savage, on a recent episode of his wildly popular Savage Lovecast: Squirt Along with Dr. Zhana. Give it a listen 😉