Synchronized Play for Simultaneous Feels: Epic Sex Toy Hacking with LELO

By Kenneth Play, sex hacking expert

I’m so excited to share my experience with the LELO Tiani and LELO Hugo toys. As a sex hacking expert, the minute I saw these toys and figured out how they worked, my mind was flooded with possibilities for ways to use them together with a partner to take sex to new orgasmic heights.

First, let me tell you about these amazing toys.


The Lelo Tiani 24k is a couples’ vibrator meant to be worn internally by the woman during intercourse, with one end hugging the front vaginal wall for G-Spot stimulation and the other end cradling the clitoris to increase penetration pleasure and even enhance the sensation for your partner. Its new dual-motor packs a powerful vibration felt by both partners, and this couples’ vibrator alone will completely revolutionize your sex life.

It’s made of smooth, flexible silicone, so it’ll fit all body types and move with you as you change positions. Most women need clitoral stimulation to achieve orgasm, but you may know what it’s like to try to awkwardly hold a large handheld vibrator to your clit during intercourse. With this hands-free massager, you don’t have to worry about dropping the vibrator at the critical moment or not having enough room for your partner!

The best part? It has a remote control with two settings. One element provides regular continuous vibration, and either partner can increase or decrease the intensity or play with different vibration pattern settings. The other feature is a motion-sensor control, so the toy will vibrate in sync with the motion of the remote.

The Tiani’s 24k gold engraved ring is sure to to add an extra element of luxury to your sex life. You’ll feel so fancy with this gem sitting on your nightstand, and you won’t be able to resist playing with it. If you’re not into the gold (or the price), LELO offers another version, the Tiani-3, for less money without sacrificing the quality.

Next up, the LELO Hugo is a life-changing hands-free prostate massager that uses the same remote control as the Tiani. Many toys in the industry are geared towards women, so it’s really awesome to have a company that makes toys for men. Its smooth, contoured shape makes for the perfect fit to reach the prostate and introduce men to pleasure they may not have even known was possible.

As a sex hacker, I’m always scouring the market to find the best toys and inventing creative new ideas for ways to use them, and my passion lies in sharing these simple techniques and pro tips with you. True to form, I tried out the LELO Tiani and Hugo together with a partner and discovered a bunch of mind-blowing ways to use these toys. I’ll tell what you need to know to use these toys to their full potential.

An unexpected and amazing feature I discovered is that one remote control will work on both toys at the same time, so both partners can feel the same vibration and intensity simultaneously! If you hold or wear the remote control and use the motion-sensor, the speed of your movement will change the speed of the vibrations felt by both partners. Even if you just use the manual vibration setting, one person can decide the vibration setting for both of you to share the experience of pleasure.

Used together, these two toys enable partners to have a shared and blended experience, where both people feel the sensations of the vibrator on their respective erogenous zones, and they can do so while still engaging in other kinds of play, like intercourse. She gets clit and G-Spot stimulation, and he gets the sensation of prostate play along with the pleasure of intercourse. It levels the playing field, as both partners have something inserted, and the remote control opens up a world of possibilities for teasing and power play. If you don’t normally use toys, incorporating these form-fitting and easy-to-use toys in your play will provide an exciting sense of novelty.

Either partner can have power over the remote control, so you can change who is in control of the vibrations for both of you. Also, if you’re into kink, use the remote control to enhance your power dynamic and decide what your partner is allowed to feel. Use it for orgasm denial and edge play.

But this past weekend, I took these toys to a vampire-themed sex party for a blended sexual experience like I’ve never had before. In addition to our sexy vampire costumes, my partner–a nerdy, intelligent, and curvy redheaded–wore the Tiani and I donned my Hugo. We experimented with using the toys in opposite rooms, and we discovered many ways to use them to enhance the party experience. We set up a scene where she runs away from her vampire clan at some point, and I would summon her by making her Tiani vibrate. Later on in the party, when I played without her, she knew about it because the motion sensor on my remote control. Let me explain…

If you’re having sex in different rooms, you can feel what the other person is feeling, as the motion-sensor remote control aspect will turn on both toys’ vibrations, so you’ll know the minute your partner starts playing (whoever has the remote). If you’re kinky, let your sub have the remote so you’ll know when they start playing, giving you a reason to punish your sub for playing without your permission. Also, as long as you’re within range, you can use the remote to control your partner’s vibrations, whether or not they’re playing with someone else, adding a whole extra layer to orgasm denial and edging. You can use it to summon each other, setting up a rule that you will turn on your partner’s toy’s vibrations when you want them to come find you, which can be really kinky if they’re your sub, or just practical if you need something to indicate to your partner that you need them.

My partner and I made all these techniques even more intense by practicing orgasm denial for an entire week before playing with the toys and promised that we’d wait until we were at the party and together before we let these toys take us on a wild orgasmic ride. She said it was really hot for her to know that I was playing with someone else in another room (thanks to the motion sensors) but also to know that I’d be saving my orgasm for her. For me, it was hot to know that when I felt prostate stimulation, I knew my partner was feeling G-Spot and clit pleasure, but that she’d have to wait to come until we were together. The D/s possibilities with the remote control for these toys are endless!

Playing with more than one person? Give the remote control to someone else and let them control both of you! This could be for a threesome, or if you and your partner are subbing for one top. Or, wear these toys to an orgy for even more fun, and pass the control around to be totally at the whim of whoever has it, getting even more lost in the pile of pleasure.

It’s important to incorporate novelty and exploration in sex to continue to grow and discover new pleasure potential for yourself and your partner. Most people think that with the right person, sex will magically be effortless forever, but anyone who has been in any kind of long-term relationship knows that a continued exciting sex life takes intentional effort. Putting this kind of work into creating new sexual experiences will not only increase pleasure, but also feed your drive for novelty, and the constant exploration and growth that comes with it.

The bottom line? Great sex is not accidental, it’s intentional. If you want to spice up your sex life, you have to put in some effort. And the good news? Toys like the LELO Tiani and Hugo make it easy to keep your playtime fun, creative, exciting, and connected.