Top CSP Stories – 11/23

This week, our favorite stories came from men who describe their encounters with straightforward women. When women aren’t afraid to ask for what they want, men remember! Read on to hear from two guys about their casual sex encounters.

It started as a joke…and now they’re Not Just Friends Anymore. Read the details of how these two teens got together.

We’d both been drinking but not much, we start joking about how people always think we’re a couple and how weird it would be. She then out of the blue says, “But I think we’d have great chemistry in bed.” I was shocked but turned on. I replied with a simple, oh really? She then stands up and takes of her top, I follow.  Slowly while not really breaking eye contact we undress and stand completely naked in front of each other.


In Hot MILF, two married people meet online and head to a hotel for a steamy encounter. Walk in shower? You bet! There’s more after this part, but we say start here:

We went into the fairly large walk in shower and started kissing. She grabbed my semi and started getting me harder. Then she went down on me again and got me hard fast. I put on another condom and I told her to grab the handicap rail. She is pretty short and I am 6’1″ so I had to really squat to get under her but I did and I fucked her hard from behind until I came hard inside her. 

Which stories were your favorites this week? Don’t forget, you can always share a casual sex story of your own anonymously on The Casual Sex Project here.