Top CSP Stories – 11/30

This week, we have two stories that demonstrate how much good communication is essential to a good hookup.  What were your favorite stories from the week?

First, communication wins in the story Who Knew Ice Could Be So Hot. It turns out that when you ask for exactly what you want you might just get a hot hookup that checks all the boxes. Plus a few surprises. Here’s an idea of what happens during this encounter:

He came back up to kiss me, and while he did, he grabbed a piece of ice from the cup he prepared in the kitchen. He placed it in his mouth, and traced it along my skin as he worked his way back down.

OMG! I hadn’t ever felt anything like that before. He held the piece of ice between his teeth and ran it along my pussy. He pressed it against my clit with his tongue. He lapped up all the water that it had left behind as it quickly melted against my heat. When any evidence of the ice cube was gone, he slid inside me.

Communication for the win!

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On the other hand, a lack of communication lead to some mixed feelings after a hookup in a Cheap Motel. While the night was passionate and exciting, the day after left the author feeling more defeated than accomplished.

Josh tore my clothes off the second we walked into the room. He fingered me, I gave him a blowjob, he went down on me. I like rough sex and I like to be submissive. He choked me and pulled my hair. I told him to call me names like a “dirty little whore” and I told him to fuck my mouth. He did all of it. I felt no intimacy or emotion during the sex, it was purely physical….

[The next day] He apologized and asked me if we had sex the night before because he couldn’t remember. I told him we had (barely), but that yes, there was definitely some penetration. He then told me that he got herpes over a decade ago from an ex-girlfriend who had gone down on him while she had a cold sore and that he was really upset because he couldn’t believe we had slept together without him filling me in before it all went down. 

Read the full story to find out how this hook up led the writer to reconsider her attitude toward casual sex.

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