Top CSP stories 12/14-12/31/15

Happy New Year! Close out your vacation with a few of our favorite stories from December. There’s something for everyone: a hetero hookup, a first-time gay experience, and a first-time threesome!

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Some hookups are so disappointing, you have to find some way to make yourself feel better. In the case of this writer, that meant stealing $20 from her partner’s wallet. First I Laughed, Then I Threw Up, then… you’ll have to read the story to find out what happens next!

“We must’ve exchanged numbers beforehand, because although I immediately thought, “I’m never seeing this person again and have officially stopped counting sexual partners,” he texted that he couldn’t wait to taste my pussy again.”  [Spoiler Alert: she sees him again!]

In Fifty Shades of Gay, a man’s abstinence from porn, masturbation, and orgasms leads him to Grindr to fulfill a fantasy. The result: he learns more about his sexuality than he ever expected.

“I didn’t sleep that night out of pure excitement. Thoughts of how an older mature man would gently enter my tight girly anus excited me to no end and shocked me simultaneously.”

Finally, First Time Threesome! It starts with a kiss and then:

Her tongue traced my girlfriend’s inner thigh, making her squirm. In a masterful motion she pulled up and off Beth’s thong and tossed it at me. Beth tried to cover her waxed smooth pussy, but it was to no avail. “I like em smooth” Yvette said fiendishly. Her tongue ran up Beth’s thigh until all of sudden Beth’s upper body raised and she let out the most erotic moan I had ever heard. Yvette had found her clit and found it well.

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Here’s to a fun and sexy 2016 full of story-worthy hookups!