Hooking Up with My Girlfriend and Our Friend



What’s your gender? Man
How old are you? 26
What’s your race/ethnicity? White / Caucasian
What continent do you live on? North America
What country and/or city do you live in? New York
Highest education received: College degree (eg., BA, BS)
What’s your current relationship status? In a serious relationship (monogamous)
Religious affiliation: Christian
How religious are you? A little
What’s your sexual orientation? Heterosexual
How many sexual partners have you had in your life (including oral sex)? 50
How many hookup stories have you here posted before? 0

Hooking Up with My Girlfriend and Our Friend

How long ago did this hookup happen? 3 months ago

What was your relationship status at the time? Same as current status

How would you best classify this hookup? One-night stand

How long did you know the person before this hookup? For more than 3 years

Tell us about your PARTNER(S). What did they look like? How well did you know them, had you hooked up before? How/Where did you meet them? How did you feel about them before the hookup? My girlfriend (Christy) and I have been dating for 3 years. My girlfriend is bisexual and we have a fun sex life. Our friend Anna is a very good friend of ours that we hang out with all the time. Anna is also a bartender at our local bar and she is beautiful. She has a pair of big breasts which we always look at.

How/where did the hookup BEGIN? What led to it? Was planning involved? Who instigated it? After Anna got off her shift, we all decided to go to a different bar. We had all had a bunch of drinks and decided to go to a club since it was a Friday night. We were having a good time and dancing. We all went to the bathroom and did a little coke. Anna asked Christy and me to do some of her breasts. This wasn’t the first time we had done that so we happily obliged. A little while later, we were all dancing and drinking more. Soon I saw Christy and Anna making out. Christy went to the bathroom and I was dancing with Anna at this point and she started making out with me. We’ve done this before but that has been the extent of it. Anna at that point whispered in my ear that she wanted to do more. I wanted to also but I told her that depends on Christy. After Christy came back, Anna asked her if she wanted to do more and Christy smiled and said hell yeah. We then called a cab to the nearest motel which luckily was only 5 mins away. The whole ride there, Christy and Anna made out which really turned me on. And then I got a room for us.

What happened DURING the hookup? What sexual behaviors took place (e.g., oral, vaginal, anal, kinky stuff)? How did you feel during it? How did they behave toward you? Were they a good lover? What did you talk about? How did it end?

First, we did a few lines of coke and had some beer and just sat there. Both Christy and Anna were saying that they can’t believe that they are about to do this. After a few minutes they started making out again and asked me to make out with them. We all made out for a few minutes and Christy told me to go sit down. Christy and Anna started taking off each other’s clothes and licking each other’s boobs. I was so horny but Christy said that she wanted to play with her first while I watched. They both got naked and Christy started licking Anna’s pussy. She also fingered her at the same time. This went on for about 15 minutes and then Anna decided she wanted to go down on Christy. I sat there and watched and couldn’t believe what was going on. I wanted to jump in so bad. Anna gave me a look and asked Christy if she could give me a blowjob. Christy happily said yes. Anna and I made out for a minute while Christy took off my pants and then Anna started sucking my dick while Christy licked my balls. It felt so great. I had always wanted to play with Anna and this was a dream coming true. They both took turns giving me head and it was the best head I had ever had. Then Anna got into doggy position and I started fucking her while she ate Christy out. I did this for a few minutes and then they switched. I honestly felt like I was part of a porno. We did it for almost an hour before I came on both their breasts. They licked it off each other and then we all had a cigarette. We then all went to sleep.

How sexually satisfying was this hookup? Very

Did you have an orgasm? Yes, one

Did your partner have an orgasm? Yes, multiple

What happened AFTER the hookup? How did you feel about it the next day? What are/were your expectations/hopes for the future with this person? How do you feel about them now? We woke up the next day and laughed about it and said how wild we all were. We promised we wouldn’t tell our friends but we probably would do this again in the future given the circumstances. We’ve all hung out since and it hasn’t been awkward or anything. It has been the same as it was before. I would like to do it again and I think they both would too.

What precautions did you take to prevent STIs and pregnancy? (Check all that apply) Withdrawal

What were your motives for this hookup? Fun, pleasure, horniness, Attraction to partner(s), Learning new things, experimenting

How intoxicated were you? Drunk/high but not wasted

What substances did you consume? Alcohol, Cocaine

How intoxicated was your partner? Drunk/high but not wasted

What substances did your partner(s) consume? Alcohol, Cocaine

How wanted was this hookup for you at the time? Very

Did you consent to this hookup at the time? I gave enthusiastic consent

How wanted was this hookup for your partner at the time? Very

Did your partner(s) consent to this hookup? They gave enthusiastic consent

To whom did you talk about the hookup? How did they react? No one but my girlfriend

How would you best summarize people’s reactions about this hookup? Relatively positive

Did you get emotionally hurt as a result of this hookup? Not at all

Did your partner get emotionally hurt as a result of this hookup? Not at all

Do you regret this hookup? Not at all

What was the WORST thing about this hookup? No bad thing at all.

Has this hookup changed the way you think about casual sex, sexuality, or yourself in general? We love to have sex and that hasn’t changed.

All things considered, how POSITIVE was this experience? Very positive

All things considered, how NEGATIVE was this experience? Not at all negative

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