Mad Skills: Advice from Casual Sex Experts

Here at the Casual Sex Project, we’re all about living authentic sex live and having hookups that are safe, fun, and healthy. Regardless of how many partners you’ve had or how long you’ve been engaging in casual sex, everyone has some skill in the bedroom that they’re curious to learn more about.

That’s where sex coaches Kenneth Play and Dr. Zhana come in. No matter what questions you have about your sex life, these experts can guide you through living a sex life that is authentic for you. In this video on Elite Daily, watch them help their client work on strategies to realize his goal of a one-night stand. Whether you’re looking for strategies on picking up potential partners or hoping to learn a new move to impress a current partner, bringing in an expert can help you up your game.

But, what does a sex coach actually do? For an in-depth look into how Kenneth Play works with his clients, check out this piece on The Independent.

Hopefully you’ve picked up a couple tips just from checking out these pieces, but if you’d like to hire sex coaching services, check out Kenneth Play’s coaching services here and Dr. Zhana’s here.