Young Stud



What’s your gender? Woman
How old are you? 61
What’s your race/ethnicity? White / Caucasian
What continent do you live on? North America
What country and/or city do you live in? Bay Area
Highest education received: College degree (eg., BA, BS)
What’s your occupation? Office Manager
What’s your current relationship status? Engaged/Married (monogamous)
Religious affiliation: Christian
How religious are you? Very
What’s your sexual orientation? Heterosexual
How many sexual partners have you had in your life (including oral sex)? 1
How many hookup stories have you here posted before? 0

Young Stud

How long ago did this hookup happen? 2 months ago

What was your relationship status at the time? Same as current status

How would you best classify this hookup? One-night stand

How long did you know the person before this hookup? For less than 6 months

Tell us about your PARTNER(S). What did they look like? How well did you know them, had you hooked up before? How/Where did you meet them? How did you feel about them before the hookup? I hired him in an entry level position right after he graduated college. Instantly, I could tell he was a player with the girls. He was actually flirting with me during the interview & that’s one of the reasons I hired him.

I’m thin, short & people think I’m in my 40s. I have good genes, eat healthy & love yoga. I’ve been married to the same guy for 40 plus years and he’s the only man I’ve ever had sex with. Five years ago, his penis stopped getting hard and he refuses to tell the doctor so he can get the pill.

How/where did the hookup BEGIN? What led to it? Was planning involved? Who instigated it? To prepare for our annual audit, we had to take a week long training course in Seattle. We shared a flight and got rooms at the hotel hosting the conference. Most of the week we had only seen each other in passing & I did notice he was taking a different girl to his room each evening.

Friday was the last day of the conference & I was in the hotel gym doing yoga. I was wearing a sports bra and tiny cotton yoga shorts. He came in & ran the treadmill for 40 minutes. I notice he kept watching me so I did a few positions until I notice a tent poking out of his shorts. After our work-out he suggested we rinse off together in shower by the pool. I thought that would be harmless so I went along. During the shower, he lathered me up and down. WOW! I didn’t mind when he slid his hand down my shorts and rubbed my pussy. I lathered his muscular body. Things were getting very heated and he suggested we go to his room to get out of these wet clothes. I don’t know what came over me but he held my hand and I followed him to his room.

What happened DURING the hookup? What sexual behaviors took place (e.g., oral, vaginal, anal, kinky stuff)? How did you feel during it? How did they behave toward you? Were they a good lover? What did you talk about? How did it end? We got inside and took off each other’s clothes. He gave me oral and it was amazing! It had been a long time for me and I came instantly. I noticed his penis was already hard and he was huge compared to my husband. He lined himself up to my entrance and with one quick push I was having sex for the first time with someone that’s not my husband. He started out slow but I kept cumming on him. He could tell by my body reaction that I was ready for more. He held my legs apart and gave my body deep hard thrusts. I had an intense orgasm and he came inside me. I can’t get pregnant anymore so I didn’t mind.

How sexually satisfying was this hookup? Very

Did you have an orgasm? Yes, more than one

Did your partner have an orgasm? Yes, one

What happened AFTER the hookup? How did you feel about it the next day? What are/were your expectations/hopes for the future with this person? How do you feel about them now? I got dressed and went to my room. I slept very well that night.

What precautions did you take to prevent STIs and pregnancy? (Check all that apply) None

What were your motives for this hookup? Fun, pleasure, horniness, Attraction to partner(s)

How intoxicated were you? Not at all (no alcohol or drugs)

How intoxicated was your partner? Not at all (no alcohol or drugs)

How wanted was this hookup for you at the time? Very

Did you consent to this hookup at the time? I gave enthusiastic consent

How wanted was this hookup for your partner at the time? Very

Did your partner(s) consent to this hookup? They gave enthusiastic consent

To whom did you talk about the hookup? How did they react? No one

Did you get emotionally hurt as a result of this hookup? Not at all

Did your partner get emotionally hurt as a result of this hookup? Not at all

Do you regret this hookup? A little bit

Why do you regret this hookup? I’ve been married for 40 years but I still have sexual urges. My husband is in good health & I know we can still have enjoyable sex if he would just get the pill.

What was the BEST thing about this hookup? Amazing sex.

What was the WORST thing about this hookup? Feeling like I was cheating on my husband.

Has this hookup changed the way you think about casual sex, sexuality, or yourself in general? I think two consenting adults should be able to have casual sex with the purpose of fulfilling each other’s needs.

All things considered, how POSITIVE was this experience? Very positive

All things considered, how NEGATIVE was this experience? Not at all negative

What do you think about the Casual Sex Project? Great way to confess experiences without worrying someone will judge you.

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