Hooking Up Healthy Intensive #LegitSexScience

From a Tinder swipe to a drunken frat party hookup, there has never been a time in recent history when casual sex was more prevalent, accepted, and easily available. It is therefore an imperative to arm ourselves with the right information and skills, backed by #LegitSexScience, to make smarter decisions about casual sex. Everyone deserves a healthy and authentic sex life, where they feel empowered and self-expressed.

CSP’s founder, Dr. Zhana, has dedicated the past 10 years of her life to learning about casual sex and how to make it better. Earning a PhD from Cornell University, publishing in academic peer-reviewed journals, teaching Human Sexuality at NYU, and founding the Casual Sex Project, she’s sifted through hundreds of research studies and thousands of hookup stories. Her book, Hooking Up Healthy, is set to be released in early 2017.

With the help of her business partner Kenneth Play, she’s put together a comprehensive and interactive training that will help you make sense of your sexuality, find out if casual sex is right for you, and learn how to do it like a pro. We’ve enclosed the videos from her recent Hooking Up Healthy Intensive held in October at Hacienda Villa. In this video intensive, they cover:

– Finding authenticity in casual sex

– Getting and giving pleasure

– Managing post-hookup chemical high

– Ensuring sexual health (Choosing your safer sex protocol)

– Negotiating enthusiastic consent

– Managing social stigma

– Designing sustainable long-term relationships with casual sex

The videos are divided into 5 detailed parts for you to absorb at your own convenience. Get ready to take your sex education to a whole new level, and make your hookups even hotter!


Is Casual Sex Authentic for Me?: In this video, we define what casual sex means, establish that whether it ends up being a positive and healthy experience versus a negative and unhealthy experience depends on who you are and how you do it. We then look at one of 7 critical aspects of your personality and hookup situations that the healthy vs unhealthy outcome depends on: Authenticity in casual sex. First, we help you figure out whether casual sex is authentic to you, or, in other words, whether your hookup behaviors are fully in line with your casual sex desires and attitudes.


How Do I Give and Get Pleasure in Hookups?: One of the most common complaints people, especially women, when it comes to casual sex is that it’s not that pleasurable to begin with. In this second part of HUHI, I discuss why many people feel this way, why there’s such a big gender gap in this regard, and then Kenneth and I guide you through figuring out how to overcome this issue, and get and give the most sexual pleasure in hookups.


Want to take your Hookups to the Next Level?


The Adventure Kit is designed to make your hook-up adventures safer, fresher, and more pleasurable! Dr. Zhana Vrangalova, creator of The Casual Sex Project, and sex hacker, Kenneth Play, have partnered with The Pleasure Chest to create this must-have accessory to a hookup.


This essential kit comes with:
– high-quality latex condoms
– The Pleasure Chest water-based lube
– Uberlube silicone-based lube
– a PC Mini-Rocket vibrator (bridge the orgasm gap with clitoral vibrations!)
– Before & After adult toy cleaner wipes
– a travel toothbrush and toothpaste kit for the morning after.


Get yours now and be prepared for every hookup opportunity!


How Do I Stay Emotionally Unattached and Sexually Healthy in Hookups?: Two key aspects of making sure hooking up is a healthy pursuit for you involve remaining emotionally unattached when having sex with people you don’t see long-term dating potential, and protecting yourself from STIs and unwanted pregnancies. This third part of HUHI helps you devise attachment control and safer-sex strategies best suited for your needs, including your susceptibility to unwanted attachment, level of sexual risk you put yourself at, and your comfort with risk.


Ensuring Enthusiastic Consent in Hookups: Hookups are more like to involve unwanted sex than are sexual encounters with long-term romantic partners. In this fourth part of HUHI, we discuss some of the main reasons for this, and present some strategies for providing and obtaining enthusiastic consent and regret-free hookups.


Fighting Slut Shaming and Building Healthy Nonmonogamous Relationships: In this final installment of HUHI, we discuss the final two factors research suggests are important in maintaining emotional wellbeing while hooking up: Handling slut-shaming successfully, and, if in a long-term relationship, incorporating casual sex in an honest and open way, i.e. by designing consensually nonmonogamous relationships.

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