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One-night stand


Woman, 52, Canada
“I asked if he liked going down and he moved down and took off my pants. He half-heartedly licked at my clit and fingered me.”

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Woman, 46, Alberta
“He fucked me so hard missionary style and then started thrusting hard, finally, I felt his warm cum fill my pussy. He pulled out, shoved his cock in my mouth. I could taste my pussy and his cum.”

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One-night stand

First Time

Male, 19, Canada
“Then he lunged his ass up and got back on the bed but he climbed back on me and then put my cock in his ass.”

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On The Road Sex

Male, 53, Canada
“I was thrilled with her tightness and wetness, and the fact that she would clench her muscles and tighten her pussy on my cock was mind-blowing.”

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One-night stand

First Gay Sex

Man, 33, Ontario
“I felt his hot, wet tongue on my virgin hole. He licked all around my asshole, getting it nice and wet before pushing his tongue inside.”

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One-night stand

Staying For Dinner

Man, 29, Canada
“…the couch was the perfect height so I bent her over the arm. She had a nice little bubble butt, I grabbed my cock and grazed my head up and down her lips…”

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