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Sex with an Ex

Wedding Guest

Female, 19, Spain
(TW: Nonconsensual)
“He was fucking me hard, really hard, the way I have always liked and hadn’t had for a long time…”

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One-night stand


Male, 33, North America
“By the time we got to the bedroom she was down to her panties and no bra.”

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Short fling

Office Sex

Female, 48, Australia
“…all I could do was nod and pretend I was concentrating on work when…my mind was focused on the taste of his cum in my mouth.”

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Group sex


Male, 33, North America
“She became very vocal as we progressed. Christie and Kelly took notice of this and…they really seemed to enjoy the show.”

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Short fling

Back For More

Male, 29, England
“She came twice…the second was my cue to get undressed. I stripped off my work uniform whilst she laid on the bed naked and panting.”

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