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first of many

First of many

Femdom Handjob

Male, 26, USA
“I did as she commanded. I came so hard that I winced with every spurt, but I held eye contact with those big, brown, slightly sadistic eyes.”

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First of many

2 Cheating Wives

Male, 46
“So I took her to a stack of kegs, turned her around, bent her over…slid her panties to the side, and plunged in hard and fast as she gasped.”

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Nasty FB’s

Male, 46
“I told her I…wanted to finish what she started. She opened the door to her room and it wreaked of sex but…she peeled her clothes off…”

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Group sex


Male, Canada
“He got so hard and I knew that I wanted to suck his big cock so I told them to go in my bedroom…”

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