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high school

Transactional sex


Man, 41, US
“She is rubbing her clit and pussy along the top of my dick until she has an orgasm. Then in a surprise move, she slips me into her raw and gives me a little grin.”

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First Creampie

Male, 27, Russia
“She gripped me with her incredible legs so that I wouldn’t pull out, and I kept pounding her as she moaned louder and louder.”

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Short fling

Helping An Old Man

Woman, 19, Sweden
“He got more and more wild and he pushed me down and put his cock against my mouth, I opened and he pushed his big cock inside and facefucked me into the bed while holding my arms, I got no air and I felt my throat getting stretched.”

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One-night stand


Male, 41, USA
“She had her legs wrapped around me, keeping me inside her and after several minutes of being inside her, I started to fuck her again.”

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One-night stand

First Time Anal

Woman, 34, New York City
“In just seconds, he was inside my ass and I was riding him firmly enjoying every inch is his dick. I had two more orgasms until I felt a warm load inside my ass at the same time he groaned.”

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