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One-night stand

Tinder Hookup

Man, 23, Malaysia
“We switched to missionary and doggy where I pumped her really hard, making her squirt and cum a few times even leaving a huge wet spot on my bed.”

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One-night stand

Way Younger Guy

Male, 63, Malaysia
“I used my hands and started unbuckling his pants. He wasn’t wearing underwear so I grabbed his small cock, put it my mouth and sucked it.”

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Transactional sex

MILF Creampie

Man, 25, Malaysia
“Oh, how I loved the feeling of her warm insides squeezing on me as my penis throbbed and spurt out cum.”

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by kate Gender: Female Age: 26 Race/ethnicity: Chinese Current location: Malaysia Highest education received: Post-graduate degree (eg., MA, MS, PhD, JD,…

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