mostly hetero

One-night stand

My First Blowjob

Male, 45, USA
“He started on me as I lay on my back, watching him stroke me and start teasing the head of my cock before licking down the shaft, then taking it all in his mouth.”

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Virgin No More

Woman, 29, US
“As soon as we got to my apartment we started making out. We made out for a while and then moved it to my bedroom. He started fingering me…”

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One-night stand

She Begged Me To Go On

Male, 24, Europe
“I grabbed her by the wrists and pinned her to the bed. I looked her in the eyes and started kissing her neck and went down to her beautiful and hard nipples.”

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Short fling

Biker Mommy

Man, 30ish, North America
“…between my horniness due to my lack of sex and my own personal love of eating pussy I swear she tasted sweeter than anyone I’d been with before.”

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